When you space risking your life come liberate whole country of people, it may be a an excellent idea to gain to recognize all the tools you’ll have actually at your disposal.

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Even more important is understanding their strategy strengths. In this article, we will be acquisition a closer look at at several of the best equipment you have actually in your aerial arsenal, helicopters.

You’ll find out all around their different strengths and also practical applications you can use in your own gameplay experiences.


3. Bloodhound Siege Helicopter (Best for Strength)


Intimidated yet?

Check the end its devastating capabilities here! https://youtu.be/HpFxsjk30yA?t=26

If you looking come optimize destruction, then this is the helicopter for you. This bulky aerial beast comes equipped through high-powered device guns and also explosive missiles. It may not it is in the more quickly or most durable, but in regards to strength, it takes the cake. Eliminate any enemy in a matter of moments as soon as you’re behind the wheel of these flying behemoths. 

What is great about the Bloodhound:

You get a preferably of 1,000 machinegun rounds, that conveniently take down other vehicles and helicopters with a couple of consecutive hits. And for once you"re taking care of a bulkier foe that is totting about some heavy armor, you have actually 100 explosive missiles. You only require a couple of of them to take it down even your toughest foes.

How to obtain it:

They are periodically used by the black color Hand and also Army of Chaos, therefore you have the right to sometimes be discovered at basic sites.Since you are liberating a country you must advancement the frontline that your military to take over various regions the the map. By perfect multiple objectives in one region, you weaken it because that your army to take over. Conquering regions allows you to advance in the storyline, too as, unlocks various weapons and vehicles because that supply drops. The Bloodhound Heli is among those items, taking over the Hatun Ukucha region unlocks it because that supply drops. Or you have the right to sometimes steal them native the black Hand or the military of Chaos. 


2. Spectre assault Helicopter (Best because that Speed)


The sleek and speedy Spectre in all its glory.

Want to watch the Spectre in action? inspect out this video! https://youtu.be/iB40J6IXAyM?t=250

Picture this, you’ve acquired into a little scuffle through some black color Hand soldiers once they contact for backup and suddenly you’re collection upon by the full pressures of one army? They’re coming at you from every sides and you"re running out of ammo! nothing panic, rather use among these to turn the tides. Castle are often used through the black Hand and the military of Chaos, for this reason they are simple to find, through the included perk of being the faster helicopter in the video game reaching speeds just over 300 km/h.

What is an excellent about the Spectre:

On optimal of being the more quickly helicopter, it likewise holds a total of 100 missiles that are strong enough to destroy even heavy armored vehicles with a couple of hits.If you space in a pinch, this is frequently used by the black Hand. So, grapple on come it, high jack it, and raise some hell. If the need arises then it also makes for a great getaway vehicleThey space found practically everywhere, which renders them the perfect in a pinch aerial friend. In a worst-case scenario, you can use it come flee; the just thing fast enough to catch you is one more Spectre. Which you can easily take down v your missiles. 

How to acquire it:

Completing the mission Training: Communication skills to unlock because that supply drops.It is very common to uncover on the black Hand and also Army that Chaos bases and is regularly used by both pressures throughout the map. 

1. A5 Coyote assault Helicopter (Best for Durability)


For Rico, this is a an excellent way to start the day.

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Click the link to check out what the A5 Coyote have the right to do! https://youtu.be/aSdTtkTIo0Q?t=94

This is a perfect example of how very first impressions can be deceiving. The is a lightweight helicopter through 2 mounted an equipment guns; in the chaotic world of Just cause 4, the isn’t a entirety lot to occupational with. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as soon as you find its concealed arsenal of naval mines inside. In as whole durability, strength, and also versatility, the Coyote is unmatched.

What is an excellent about the A5 Coyote:

It may seem lightweight, however it have the right to take some heavy damage. Withstanding cartridge after bullet, and also an occasional missile or two. You have 4000 rounds of an equipment gun ammo and also it is open minded tricky to use every one of it up. A couple of consecutive rounds are an effective enough to damage most vehicles. Apparently you have 100 naval mines covert somewhere within its sleek frame. They can be a little tricky come aim, but once you have the cave of it, you’ll discover it offers you different attack opportunities than various other aerial weaponry. It is good against every different species of vehicles; that quick, durable, versatile, and powerful. 

How to acquire it:

The A5 Coyote is a part of the danger Rising DLC, therefore you have to purchase this first. Once downloaded 3 vast Agency submarines appear on your map. You have to go come the USS Visionary and complete every one of its missions in order come unlock this helicopter for supply drops.You can additionally find them flying around all three company submarines. 

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