Running Man"s Kim Jong-kook and his blind day Jung for this reason Young (left) in the show.youtube.com/SBS to run Man
As part of the continuous "Member"s Week" of SBS"s long-running selection show "Running Man," singer Kim Jong-kook ultimately had a date -- a effective one in fact. The looks favor the show"s cast members were finally able to obtain one the the most eligible bachelors in the display hitched.

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On January 15, in the illustration of "Running Man" titled "Our Ugly Tiger Cub: Marrying turn off the Tiger," the actors members banded with each other to aid Kim Jong-kook have the perfect blind day with Jung therefore Young by undertaking a host of tasks and missions designed to increase his opportunities at obtaining hitched.

Koreaboo notes the if the "Running Man" actors members were to fail in your tasks, a lot tougher date course would need to be followed. Before Jong Kook checked out greet his date, the other members had to determine the car he"d use to choose up his date, what food they"ll have and how the date will be concluded and also the like, as notes Soompi.

Unfortunately because that Kim Jong-kook, the very first mission was a failure and also he had actually to go bring his date in a van v the other cast members inside. This must have been yes, really annoying for Jong-kook and embarrassing for his non-celebrity date.

At 29, Jung therefore Young is eleven year younger than Kim Jong-kook and also was revealed come be functioning as a Certified public Accountant or CPA. It to be amusing once Jong-kook found out that So Young to be wearing the exact same colour combinations as he was. This to be no doubt a set-up. The black and also maroon dress was probably gifted by the "Running Man" producers themselves.

Upon conference his date, sit on a park bench, Jong-kook appeared a little bit shy and also asked whether she was emotion cold and had come wait lengthy for him. That apologised to she for making her wait in the cold and also throughout the episode was very gentle through her. In reality the "Running Man" members, especially HaHa and also Ji Suk-jin jokingly request why the wasn"t even half as nice come them.

Kim Jong Kook has a call of being the strongest and also most strong member among the "Running Man" cast and has often defeated the others in competitions within the variety program. The is sometimes seen advertise the other members away as soon as they stroked nerves him, particularly Lee Kwang-soo. However, he obviously does it in a light-hearted manner and not seriously.

The cast members conduct to show them right into a restaurant and food was offered to you re welcome the couple, particularly the beloved lady. Kim Jong-kook"s brothers Kim Jong-myeong was also invited come witness the date and give his opinion. He was seated through the other actors members and seemed come be enjoying every moment.

The members do the couple participate in a series of tiny challenges prefer walking over plastic cups v their eyes covered and also the like. Song Ji-hyo likewise got come chat v Jung so Young and talked around the Kim Jong-kook the she knew and around his relationships and friendship through women in the past. Track Ji-hyo herself had actually been connected with Jong-kook in the past. They are the famous "Spartace" pair of the show.

On January 8, Kim Jong Kook sat through a lie detector test, speak he has actually no feelings because that Yoon Eun Hye through whom he had an official love-line in SBS"s "X-Man" game show. The lied detector shocked his hand and also the members teased him by speak he still had feelings because that Eun Hye.

Anyway, it appeared that Kim Jong-kook had finally discovered someone. Talking around his early impressions that Jung so Young, Jong Kook said "She stirred increase a security instinct in ~ me. I desire to defend her. I desire to store her safe." This is clear a really promising possibility for the 40-year old singer. He likewise sang for her in the night on a Han river ferry. It to be both a romantic and a hilarious minute as Jong-kook dropped down on the floor laughing as noise indigenous the subway drowned his voice as he started singing. He choose up the tune again, that course.

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As to the result of the dating, anyone was nervous and also expecting the worst, as always. However, Jung for this reason Young revealed the she favored him and would choose to know an ext about him. "I to be so surprised. He"s an extremely different from what i thought. Ns didn"t really know much about him, but I was surprised at how deeply kind he was, and I think ns really desire to get to understand him," she said as the "Running Man" cast members cheered for Kim Jong Kook, who obviously was happy by she answer. At the finish of the illustration the two were crowned a "couple."

The next episode the "Running Man" will certainly air top top January 22. The display will finish on February 26, this year.