THE fiance the Julia Roberts' disastrous sister Nancy Motes - who drowned ~ a drug overdose - has hit the end at the star declare she quiet hasn't payment tribute or expressed any kind of sadness at the death.

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Speaking days after the six year anniversary that Nancy's death, man Dilbeck told The sunlight he will never forgive or forget what he claims Julia Roberts walk to her half-sister, who accused the star the bullying her before she passed.


Nancy, a dog trainer, passed away aged 37 on 9 February 2014, from drowning in the bath following a medicine overdose in Los Angeles.

She wrote a suicide note blaming Julia for bullying her most of her adult life, writing: "My so-called siblings obtain nothing other than the memory that they are the ones the drove me right into the deepest depression I’ve been in."

Around the time of her death, john publicly blamed the Hollywood actress because that intimidating and harassing Nancy, who gave an interview simply months prior to she died claiming she’d been taunted by her elder half-sibling because that being overweight.

Now, in his first full interview due to the fact that that time, man still point out the finger in ~ Julia, who he claims has never ever publicly mental the anniversary of Nancy’s fatality or provided a tribute apart from speak the household were "heartbroken" at the time.


Julia and also her half sister had a rocky relationshipCredit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

John states Julia tho hasn't publicly grieved end his fiance's deathCredit:

John and also Nancy in more happiness timesCredit:

John, 37, said: "I’m sure she think of Nancy now, she’s still a person being like every one of us, I’m sure she feeling a feeling of guilt that she wouldn’t open up come in public.

"They never acknowledged she existence, as with when she was alive. Out of sight, the end of mind, as long as the human being never hears around it, climate it no matter.

"If she acknowledges Nancy’s death, she would feel horribly guilty, as she wouldn’t be able to say something genuine."

Nancy and also Julia, who have different dads, had actually a rocky partnership for most of their lives.

While Julia, now 52, left house in Smyrna, Georgia, to do it in Hollywood, Nancy was the main carer because that their mom Betty.

When Nancy relocated to Los Angeles to be closer to John, she take it Betty v her, hope they might all live together. She started searching for film work and also got a task as a manufacturing assistant v the fight TV display Glee.

"Julia was always giving Nancy hell due to the fact that Nancy was Betty’s favorite child, she took treatment of her, and there’s no lot of fame or money, which could change that," man claimed.

"Nancy was a dog trainer and also her very first dog Zelda remained in a couple of movies based in Atlanta - Julia would acquire jealous that her dog would obtain roles so quickly in movies and also she couldn’t find even a little bit part.

John says Julia quit Nancy seeing her motherCredit:
Nancy was a dog trainerCredit:

"But Julia didn’t want Nancy to it is in in prior of the camera, or have any type of affiliation with films. She felt the she to be a sign of failure since she was overweight and her last name wasn’t Roberts.

"In January 2010, ns drove lock both come Los Angeles. Betty had no relatives ago in Georgia, so the made feeling for her to come together well. We made a week-long trip of it sightseeing, walking through brand-new Orleans and also Grand Canyon. The arrangement was for Nancy and Betty to live together.

"But by the time they acquired here, Julia had currently got Betty a residence in Pacific Palisades and there was no room for Nancy."

Over the next two years, John insurance claims that Julia would certainly stand in the means of Nancy seeing she mother.

In one interview with Harper Bazaar in 2017, Julia admitted the she could be an overwhelming in her early on years, saying: "I was my priority, a selfish small brat running roughly making films."

Speaking because that the first time about Nancy's last Thanksgiving and also Christmas, John says that she had currently lost the battle with her well known sibling, who by this time had strength of attorney end Betty, who'd just been diagnosed through lung cancer.

"Julia always felt that Nancy had actually her time through their mother, currently it’s she turn, together if she was a toy or animal. Ns remember Nancy i will not ~ speak come Julia at this point, therefore Julia would speak to me, and also I’d beg Julia because that them to acquire along because that Betty’s sake, yet she said: 'No, there must be no Betty and Nancy.'

Nancy and John in ~ a family members gatheringCredit:
Nancy v Glee actors member chris ColferCredit:

"But Nancy would still check out Betty like once she was at the hospital, yet every time she did this, there would certainly be some kind of retaliation. Because that someone going through chemo and surgery like Betty, it would certainly be very detrimental.

"No one was as close come Betty as Nancy was, and this is what aggravated Julia no end, however no lot of what ns would describe as bullying or threatening behavior could readjust that.

"One the Julia’s friends had actually told her the Nancy and Betty had met in secret, for this reason Julia and Lisa obtained Betty to have Thanksgiving by herself, regardless of the fact Nancy to be the only family member in town, yet she to be banned from Julia’s property.

"Then Julia obtained Betty to to visit Christmas in ~ her new Mexico ranch, i m sorry drove Nancy right into a inconsolable depression. She was again banned from attending in my opinion.

"That last Christmas, she received texts like: 'I hope you’re enjoying your Christmas in your Motes nest'. My family members tried our ideal to make that Christmas together happy together possible, yet she couldn’t manage the taunting and pain.

John and Nancy celebrating his birthday in 2013Credit:
Nancy with Glee cast member pagan Morris, a show she supplied to job-related onCredit:

"I think they experienced her as a peasant, she can not be a part of the family. The was she last Christmas of 2013.

"Nancy witnessed Betty just before Thanksgiving and also it to be last time they ever before met, the was extremely emotional. Betty felt favor she was out control.

"Then us weren’t permitted to call Betty again."

Betty died of cancer aged 80 on 19 February 2015.

John states he lamp candles in Nancy's storage to note her anniversary and also other one-of-a-kind occasionsCredit:
Nancy to be bullied by Julia ~ she ended up being famous, according to JohnCredit:

Since her death, John, has lived in their old apartment in Santa Monica, and also has thrown himself into his project as a height Hollywood TV and also film place manager.

He said: "My family and also I irradiate candles and also will constantly remember her on the one-of-a-kind occasions. The anniversary shouldn’t ever before be forgotten. She’s really much a part of my life.

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"Earlier in the grieving process, ns was going v the anger step - ns don’t feeling as lot like that now. I lost myself in work-related as a coping mechanism, my social life has actually been non-existent. I hardly view my friends and people are always wondering if ns alive.