LAS vegas -- almost 11 months have actually passed because Conor McGregor vaulted over the cage wall in Boston, bum-rushed a bizarrely amused Jose Aldo, and set in activity the many anticipated featherweight fight in the sport"s young history. In the time since, handfuls that bum lives have been changed, red panty share climbed to document highs, and also the prophetic words of one Irishman have actually rung true with unnerving regularity.

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Now if the pattern continues into Saturday night, and McGregor finishes Aldo inside of the first round in ~ UFC 194 as he has promised, the ras Vegas piece may an extremely well burn to the ground. The merriment the UFC 189 would certainly look like a wake contrasted to the party that ensues if the fighting proud of Ireland backs up all of 2015"s craziness with one final and also dramatic flourish, prove the suggest that that insists he collection out come prove every along.

But two weeks ago significant the 10-year anniversary the Aldo"s last and only loss, and a curious thing taken place when we turned to the pros of UFC 194 fight week for your thoughts. Deserve to McGregor loss the featherweight GOAT? will certainly Aldo lastly silence his best rival? Well, the prize was near unanimous.

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Tony Ferguson: I"d choose to to speak Conor McGregor, due to the fact that we"re under the exact same management. However Jose Aldo, once you placed the stats down and you look at the effort and the heart and also the mentality the what this is, just how much s**t has actually been talked and everything, and also you watch Jose Aldo law this (*puts finger come lips*) -- you know just how it is.

I think Jose is going to obtain pissed. Ns think he"s walk to see the opportunity and also he"s walking to take it it. And also if it ends up on the ground, he"s walking to it is in relentless. We"ve checked out holes in Conor"s game, as far as his jiu-jitsu. Grasp of movement, however you look prefer a tortoise on her back.

Jeremy Stephens: You know what, man, let"s not take anything away from Conor McGregor. A many of human being kind of dislike on that or whatever, yet the dude is interesting. The way he talks, the method he just presents himself, he"s just acquired that aura about him that attracts a most people. And the the goes in there and also backs it up.

He bring a many really an excellent movement, elusive movement. He"s very precise. He"s accurate. Ns feel like the much longer it goes, I"m going to have to offer it come McGregor. Yet if Jose Aldo have the right to it started ideal away and also land part shots, put his hands on him, just be emotional him, poignant him, and also not gain pressured, be able to take him take it down and also just use several of that world-class jiu-jitsu -- ns feel like Conor has some feet in his game, so ns feel like if Jose have the right to go in there and also expose the a tiny bit, be able to mix it up and come unpredictable, soil some large heavy shots and also work those legs and body, then i feel choose he"ll do an excellent and he"ll come the end the winner. Mine money is top top Aldo, however I don"t placed it too much past McGregor.

Max Holloway: If I had to placed money ~ above it, I"d walk Aldo. Ns think a lot of men are overlooking him. Castle forget what he"s done. They forget he"s the ideal pound-for-pound fighter in the world, and they just look in ~ him slugging the out through Chad Mendes. But there"s got to be a gameplan v him, you know? He"s no trying come wrestle through Chad, for this reason why no make Chad think that he have the right to stand v him for a little while and be ready to land the one punch, due to the fact that he have the right to crack. Aldo have the right to crack, Aldo deserve to wrestle, and also Aldo can likewise do jiu-jitsu. He"s a black belt in jiu-jitsu because that a long time now. So i think that takes it.

Frankie Saenz: i go with Aldo, just on pure experience, simply from what I observed as much as him coming up and him just beating everybody, that beating Frankie Edgar. I"m a vast fan that Frankie Edgar. Him gift able to beat Frankie says a lot, as much as his entirety MMA game. I mean, he"s been the champ because that a lengthy time for a reason, and I think he"s walking to stay the champ, and also I think finishes him.

This is a hit he"s motivated for, and you haven"t checked out a urged Jose Aldo in a while, like just freaking acquiring after it. Ns think he"s going come hurt McGregor.

Edson Barboza: are crazy, man. I really don"t know them. I think that"s an ext fan opinion. That doesn"t really reflect reality, because Aldo is most likely the pound-for-pound ideal fighter in the world. I think Jose Aldo wins this fight due to the fact that he is a much much better fighter. Jose is a finisher. If you provide one chance to him, he"s absolutely going to finish this guy. Ns hope, man. I really expect Aldo to win this guy.

Tecia Torres: ns think Jose is going come come out v the win, but I do think that Conor McGregor has lived approximately his hype thus far. Every little thing that he claimed he was going come do, he"s done. So would certainly I be surprised if he winner this weekend? No. But I"m quiet going to stick with Jose Aldo. I think he"s a an excellent champion, and that"s pretty much it. Aldo wins in the 4th round.

Joe Lauzon: ns think Conor it s okay it done. He"s just so long. I think a lot of the males who Jose Aldo has combated have to be shorter, with less reach. Conor is walk to it is in super long. Aldo definitely, ns think, has the benefit on the ground when he it s okay there. But I don"t recognize if he"s walk to want to take it it there. Ns think Conor is so much in his head, just talking trash, ns think he desires to punish Conor. It"s kind of like a proud thing. An ego thing. In ~ this point if Jose goes and takes under Conor, is the going to be sufficient for him? possibly it is. Possibly it is sufficient to simply shut that up and be quiet around it. However maybe it"s not. It"s all about Jose. Yet I think it"s going to it is in an awesome fight.

Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza: McGregor being all over the media, he"s become very popular. One of the points that happens is civilization forget come look in ~ what Aldo has done come this point. So as soon as we look at that, it offers me assurance the Aldo is walk to be the man who"s going to keep the belt.

He is offered to title fights and his confidence is nice high. He"s going to store the title.

Evan Dunham: It"s hard to pick. I think it"s walking to go to decision. Aldo will take that on the feet -- it"ll be a stand-up fight, we all understand that -- and I think he"ll simply stay long, have actually a an excellent gameplan, and also be may be to success that decision.

Urijah Faber: ns think confidence is a big thing, and you"re managing two guys who have that. So when things cancel each other out, it"s who is the more skilled fighter. I think Aldo has actually a slight benefit with his foot kicks and also diverse video game on the feet, and also I feel like he"s more than likely a little much more seasoned ~ above the ground as well. Who wants it more? Who has actually the ability? We"re going to see. It could go one of two people way, yet my forecast is Aldo.

Demian Maia: i think Aldo, due to the fact that he"s a much better fighter. McGregor is a good fighter, yet Aldo is the best fighter in this division.

Din Thomas: Here"s the thing: they can fight 100 times and also each win 50. It"s that close. However I think it"s really going to come down who can regulate the cage better. The problem is that Conor McGregor is therefore elusive, he"s therefore tricky through the way he moves, he"s tough to sort of number out early. If Aldo doesn"t have movement that can attend to that, then he"s walking to discover himself at the receiving finish of a beating. If he simply stands flat-footed and expects Conor to it is in there because that him to kind of walk back-and-forth with, he"s going to have a tough time dealing with that.

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And honestly, up until 2 weeks ago, ns was leaning towards McGregor. However for part reason, i just think that Aldo made those adjustments in camp. I believe that his experience said, ‘you understand what, I"m going come respect this guy." and also I think that"s what McGregor did come everybody in the beginning, was that he talked so much, the nobody respected him. Nobody did your homework to fight him, due to the fact that they simply said, ‘oh, I"m going to absent this guy"s butt. That is he? He"s never combated anybody. I"m just going to beat him up." and then he shut everyone down. And McGregor did the on purpose. That wanted civilization to no look in ~ his an abilities and simply hear his mouth. However I believe that Aldo said, ‘you recognize what, I must respect this guy. He"s a an excellent fighter. I"m going to respect him, carry out my homework and train appropriately for him." I think that the did that. And if the did, climate I think he"s going come win.