Former WWE champion Alberto Del Rio sat down for one hour-long interview v Pro wrestles Defined, where he opened up up around his admiration for man Cena.

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Del Rio and Cena battled versus each various other on miscellaneous occasions in the WWE. The mexican star thanked the Cenation leader for to teach him beneficial lessons about the business.

The previous WWE Champion spoke around the differences in between Lucha Libre and also the American style. He explained that john Cena helped him understand exactly how wrestling functioned in the joined States.

Alberto Del Rio was already a seasoned and well-rounded performer when he faced John Cena in WWE. However, the veteran star admitted that he came to be a much better in-ring worker after wrestling the 16-time WWE champion.

At Vengeance 2011, john Cena and Alberto Del Rio would challenge a Last man Standing complement in a damaged ring.Alberto Del Rio would defeat Cena because that his third WWE Championship in ours #AlternateHistory.#WWE

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Del Rio said that man Cena was a understand at placing matches together and that Cena"s opponents just had to present up in ~ the arena:

"First of all, say thanks to you, John. Give thanks to you! i learned so lot from you," claimed Alberto Del Rio, "I have actually been speak this because that years and also I"m walk to continue saying this for much more years come come. John Cena doesn"t get the credit transaction that he deserves native the fans. The is a great wrestler. A real wrestler. Friend don"t also talk come him before the match. Like, you just go there, and he knows. He to be the one to teach me. I"ve never said this to the fans, but they always ask me, "Why I"m so good building the matches and also like gift the architect to placed those matches with each other or just how to take it the pan on the rollercoaster the emotions. Of course, over there were countless people and also wrestlers that helped me ~ above the way, but John Cena was the one. Like, I ended up being a better wrestler the day ns wrestled john Cena. As soon as we started that first feud, at the finish of it, i was a far better wrestler just due to the fact that I worked with john Cena."


He to be the one make me know that: Alberto Del Rio on john Cena"s impact on his career

Alberto Del Rio wrestled in virtually every significant city throughout America during his time in the WWE. He realized how every fanbase had various tastes regarding wrestling styles.

Despite the recurring nature the WWE"s live event cards, john Cena made it a allude to have contrasting matches to suit the city.

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Del Rio proclaimed that Houston fans could not prefer a match that acquired over through the san Antonio crowd, and also it was pivotal to have multiple to plan in place:

"He do me understand. He to be the one do me recognize that. It doesn"t matter that complement you had in mountain Antonio last night make them go crazy. You cannot use the same complement in Houston due to the fact that Houston human being might not choose it. The rule uses for the people in Dallas. So, you need to be ready. You have to go out there and also listen come what lock want," added Alberto.

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John Cena is right now on course because that a huge SummerSlam showdown versus Roman Reigns for the universal Championship. The match has every the ingredient to be one of the show-stealers that the night.