The "Tonight Show" organize took the phase with platinum hair, an Olympic medal and also a string of joke aimed at the disgraced Olympic swimmer.

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Presenting the night’s biggest award, for video clip of the year, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon stormed the phase in complete U.S. Olympic Team regalia. However it wasn’t simply his outfit that made Fallon stick out. The brunet host sported a brand-new ‘do together he came to the mic: the very same platinum locks the adorned swimmer Ryan Lochte’s head this summer in ~ the Rio Olympics.

“Is it also late because that me come say sorry?” Fallon sang to the audience in Madison Square Garden, referencing the video clip of the year-nominated struggle “Sorry” through Justin Bieber. Following the crowd’s laughter, Fallon added, “I created that song. I composed it, I created it, i directed the vidya.”

Michael Phelps, the most awarded Olympian in history and Lochte’s teammate, remained in attendance and also snapped photos, laughing, together Fallon lampooned his teammate. Phelps to be a presenter at the show and also received a standing ovation previously in the night.

Lochte, who has actually won 12 Olympic medals in his career, make waves outside the swimming pool this summer in Rio when he was caught fabricating an event with Rio police, who he claimed robbed him and also fellow athletes at gunpoint.

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Fallon had actually fun with the swimmer’s habit for embellishment, telling the audience, “I’m the one who offered Adele the phone,” introduce to the british songwriter’s hit “Hello,” i beg your pardon was also nominated for video of the year, and also mentioning that all the video clip of the year nominees were “so great, i couldn’t pick if there was a gun to my head.”

Ultimately, the Moonmanwent come Beyonce, who exceeded Madonna together the most-awarded artist in VMAhistory.




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