Jerry Colangelo Honored together USA Basketball Steitz award Recipient ~ above the Heels of 4th Straight Men’s Olympic Gold






Gold Medal:2016 Olympic Games.

Named a finalist because that the 2021 USA national Team and also U.S. Olympic Men"s Basketball Team onon march 11, 2021.

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Named top top Feb. 10, 2020, a finalist for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Men"s Basketball Team.

Member of the 2016 U.S. Olympic Men’s Basketball Team that compiled one 8-0 document to record a third-straight Olympic gold medal from Aug. 6-21 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Played in every eight games and also averaged 5.6 ppg. To go with 2.5 rpg. And 1.4 apg. Shooting 34.2 percent from the field, 22.2 percent from 3-point and also 94.4 percent native the foul heat (17-18).

Member of the 2016 USA national Team the finished its pre-Olympic tour through a 5-0 record. Averaged 4.2 ppg., 4.2 rpg., 1.2 apg. And also tied for a team-high 1.6 spg. Began one game. Named a member the the 2016 U.S. Olympic Men"s Basketball Team on June 27, 2016. Named to the 2015-16 USA Basketball nationwide Team ~ above Aug. 6, 2015. Selected a member the the 2014 USA choose Team, but was unable to participate as result of injury.


3 timeAll-NBA third team selection (2017, 2018 and also 2021). Five-tmeNBA All-Defensive 2nd team an option (2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2021). called the 2014-15 NBA Most improved Player. Five-time (2015, 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2020) NBA All-Star Team selection. Named to the 2020 Team LeBron for the NBA All-Star Game,

Selected a 2018 western Conference reserve because that the All-Star game in Los Angeles, but did not play because of injury.

Started because that the 2017 eastern Conference at the All-Star game in new Orleans.Recorded 6 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists and also 1 stealing in 19.5 minutes of game time.

Selected a 2016 east Conference reserve because that the All-Star game in Toronto, yet did no play because of injury.

Selected a 2015 eastern Conference reserve because that the All-Star video game in brand-new York. Videotaped 6 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist and 2 steals in 9 minutes of game time.


score his 9,000th career point on Dec. 1, 2019, at Brooklyn. Ranks 183rd in NBA all-time regular season career totally free throw portion (.8121).

Has videotaped at the very least 100 steals every of the last seven seasons (through 2019-20), his streak is the 2nd longest existing streak in the NBA trailing only James Harden who has done it each of the critical eight seasons


completed in 2020-21 his 10th NBA season, 2nd full season through the Miami Heat. Was gained by the Miami heat from the Philadelphia 76ers in a four-team profession on July 6, 2019. Through 2020-21, has appeared in 633 games, started in 528 games throughout his 10-year NBA career and has compiled 20,932 minute (33.1), 11,003 points (17.4 ppg.), 3,322 rebounds (5.3 rpg.), 2,524 (4.0 apg.) and also 1,033 steals (1.6 spg.), while shoot 45.8% from the floor, 32.7% from 3-point and also 83.8% native the foul line. V 2020-21, has appeared 80 job postseason games, began 77 games, has averaged 37.6 minutes, 18.5 points, 5.9 rebounds, 4.3 assists and 1.6 steals a game, while shooting 44.2% indigenous the field, 34.6% native 3-point and also 83.6% indigenous the foul line. Played and started in 52 games in 2020-21, average 33.6 minutes (29th in NBA), 21.5 point out (26th in NBA), a career-high 6.9 rebounds (36thin NBA), career-high 7.1 assists (10th in NBA) and 2.1 steals a game(1st in NBA). Shot a career-high 49.7% from the field (42nd in NBA), 24.5% indigenous 3-point and 86.3% native the foul line (33rd in NBA).Ranked 5th in the NBA in effectiveness (26.6). Played and also started in 58 gamings in 2019-20, average 33.8 minutes, 20.0 clues (29th in NBA), 6.7 rebounds (38thin NBA), 6.0 assists (22ndin NBA) and 1.8 steals a game(6th in NBA). Shoot 45.5% indigenous the field, 24.4% from 3-point and also 83.4% from the foul heat (45thin NBA).Ranked 13th in the NBA in performance (23.6). Played and also started in Miami"s 21 playoff gamings in 2019-20 season,averaged 38.4 minutes, 22.2 points, 6.5 rebounds, 6.1 assists and 2.o steals a game. Shooting 48.8% native the field, 34.9% indigenous 3-point and also 85.9% from the foul line. Traded come the Philadelphia 76ers throughout the 2018-19 season in addition to Justin Patton, wherein he appeared and started in 55 games,averaged 18.22 ppg., 5.3 rpg., 4.0 apg., 1.8 spg., shot 46.1 percent native the field, 33.8 percent from 3-point and 86.8 percent native the foul line. Selected in the very first round (30th overall) through the Chicago Bulls in the 2011 NBA Draft. Became very early entry candidate after three collegiate seasons at the Marquette University.

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Had his uniform number (#33) retired at Tyler junior College top top Sept. 8, 2018, in enhancement he was provided an honorary degree from Tyler small College, had actually the lobby in ~ TJC’s Wagstaff Gymnasium named after him and was inducted right into the Tyler small College one of Honor.