This August will mark four years due to the fact that Robin Williams tragically pass away, though through all the comedic and also dramatic functions he perform in over the decades, he continues to be fondly remembered as one of Hollywood"s best talents. However, previously this week, Williams popped ago into the news once it to be reported that he"d been engaged in a "bitter feud" through Jim Carrey, supposedly because Williams was jealous around Carrey"s rising fame at the time. Carrey has now sweet in on these reports, speak there was no feud and also that he and also Williams to be respectful towards one another. In Carrey"s words:

RadarOnline is completely off base and creating a feud that didn"t exist. Robin may have actually expressed insecurity about me and also my rise to success yet I have never had actually anything yet the biggest respect because that him and also his genius. That was also always respectful to me in person. He called me "Maestro" and also I referred to as him "Billy the Kid." Let"s gain it straight. There"s no feud if one next isn"t mindful of it.

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This whole thing started when when new York Times reporter Dave Itzkoff"s brand-new biography about Robin Williams, appropriately titled Robin, to be released. In the book, it"s briefly discussed that Williams felt endangered by Jim Carrey surge stardom, and apparently Williams became upset when he learned that Carrey had signed on come play The Riddler in 1995"s Batman Forever, a function that Williams had actually turned down. Williams" assembly artist Cheri Minns evidenced that the gibbs did have some insecurity about Carrey"s popularity, recalling a time when Williams" ex-wife Marsha told him the there was "room for other people."

Following the Robin biography"s publication, RadarOnline published a report claiming the there was major tension in between Williams and Carrey, even though the publication didn"t indicate this. Now Carrey has set the record and confirmed the there was no "bitter feud" in ~ all. Also if Williams may have actually felt insecure about Carrey"s fame, that sounds like on a an individual level, these two gained along wonderfully.

Along v delivering a statement to Gossip Cop around his relationship with Robin Williams, Jim Carrey likewise posted the listed below painting that he make of the late actor. Comes from Carrey, being called a "quantum computer" is high praise.

Robin Williams committed self-destruction on respectable 11, 2014, and in the Robin biography, it says that he had been diagnosed with diffuse Lewy human body dementia, which reportedly led to him to lose some the his trademark energy. Williams" critical live activity appearance to be reprising Theodore Roosevelt in 2014"s Night in ~ the Museum: mystery of the Tomb, when his last film function was voicing Dennis the Dog in the 2015 sci-fi comedy Absolutely Anything.

As for Jim Carrey, he most recently appeared in the Netflix documentary Jim & Andy: The good Beyond, i beg your pardon chronicled Jim Carrey"s time remaining in character as Andy Kaufman because that the 1999 movie Man on the Moon. He can be seen later on this year certification in the Showtime series Kidding.

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