‘Jet Babsence Heart’ is the 3rd single from 5 Seconds Of Summer’s second studio album, Sounds Good Feels Good. The song was released in December 2015 together with the main music video, which featured fans of 5SOS, whose personal stories were put on the main 5SOS webwebsite. Calum Hood and also Michael Clifford had a helping hand also in writing the song.

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From first hearing the song, it’s basic to tell it’s an extremely personal one, and have the right to be taken into consideration slightly darker, in regards to lyrics, compared to other 5SOS singles. It touches on individual battles, psychological health and wellness, and the brutal fact of humale emovements, in addition to the instances they can put us in.


Before we get began on delving deeper into this song, we would certainly favor to state that song’s are down to interpretation, and also this is simply among them. The definition we think is behind this song is not fact, and we sindicate would certainly hope that you enjoy reading it; taking concepts and also motivation from it, perhaps looking at the song in a different light to prior to.

Everybody’s got their demons, even wide awake or dreaming, I’m the one who ends up leaving, make it okay

This initially verse is directly ameans acknowledging humale emotions; “demons” is a widespread word civilization use to describe the war they have via themselves, something they’re battling through that they desire to adjust. “Even wide awake” may probably be expushing just how the character is being challenged with the “demon”, that they’re trying to fight it. It’s actual, and it’s a harsh truth of somepoint they have to face. Whereas, “dreaming” has so many type of different connotations. “Dreaming” can be referencing daydreaming, is the “demon” a dazed emovement they’re unsure of; nightmares, the demon can simply be a figment of the imagination, coming to life in the unconscious mind; or it can be that the demons you confront while wide awake, you’re now encountering while dreaming, they’re inescapable. The usage of ‘I’ puts the listener right into the song, making it feel extremely real and personal to the individual. “I’m the one who ends up leaving” might be the character in the song leaving a friendship or a connection. This continues on to the next allude of the last line in this verse, “make it okay”. Are they leaving bereason they think it will make the instance okay? Are their “demons” causing them to think they’re a burden, therefore they think leaving will take that variable ameans from the various other perboy in the relationship/friendship? Or are they suggesting that they’re leaving because they always leave; the struggles they face puts also a lot pressure on the relationship/friendship, leading to them “leaving”, hoping the other person can make the situation okay now considering that they’ve gone.


See a war I wanna fight it, check out a complement I wanna strike it, every fire I’ve ignited, faded to grey

The usage of ‘I’ is continuos throughout the whole song, implying that it’s incredibly distinct to each individual while listening to the song, and that the listener deserve to put themselves in the song and adjust it to their own personal instance. “See a war I wanna fight it, watch a match I wanna strike it” both have angsty and angry emovements linked to them. It’s as if the character in the song cannot control their own emovements, they can’t organize back. This can be in referral to the “demons” in the initially verse, the incapability to regulate their own emotions could be somepoint they wish to change; it can be among the things they’re battling with. “Every fire I’ve ignited, faded to grey” argues that the ‘fire’ doesn’t last. It fades and loses it’s colour. Grey and also loss of colour have actually connotations of sadness, choose being stuck in between happy and also sad. It might be described as a hazy feeling, knowing things can be great, but not discovering exactly how to reach it. The fire could symbolise friendships, relationships, possible anypoint the character within the song has actually made, given that they’ve “ignited” it. But fires can’t last forever, they’ll burn to the ground, bringing whatever around it down as well, which is what the character has actually realised. They can’t save up through what they’ve made and end up ruining it.

But now that I’m damaged, currently that you understand it, captured up in a moment, have the right to you see inside?

This area appears to be all about confronting the case, or someone else knows something is wrong. “But now that I’m broken” is the character openly admitting they’re not okay, it’s incredibly personal to the individual because “broken” might be anypoint, in this situation, probably emotionally damaged. The usage of the personal pronoun, “you”, deserve to, also, make the listeners feel included; they’re conscious of the feelings being presented through the song. “Caught up in a moment” offers us very vivid imagery of sharing a special moment with someone, probably wright here you’re talking around anypoint and also everything, and somehow, your true feelings are revealed. It sounds favor it wasn’t an intended conversation, however more of one in a time of require or desperation. The last line of the pre-chorus is heart-wrenching. “Can you see inside?” rings out sounds of feeling really sincere, hurt and came to. It’s as though the main character in the song is asking the various other perboy if they understand now; “inside” interpretation their true eactivities. Lastly, it could perhaps seem favor the primary character is scared that now the other perchild in this song knows just how they feel and that they truly are, this could readjust their opinion on them.


Cause I’ve acquired a jet black heart, and also there’s a hurricane underneath it, trying to store us apart

(We’ve break-up the chorus right into 2 sepaprice parts, just so it doesn’t gain too confmaking use of to follow alengthy.) The chorus seems to continue on from the pre-chorus, as though it’s a story. They’re explaining their feelings and also what is going on in their head/heart which is bring about them so much suffering. ‘Jet black’ is commonly well-known as the darkest babsence you can get. The colour black tends to have actually very negative connotations, e.g. fatality, the unrecognized, fear, sadness, which links in the the nature of the song. Whereas the connotations of ‘heart’ tend to be rather heat and loving, e.g. love and also the soul. It’s assumed that the heart contains the deepest emotions and tricks we have the right to hold, so a jet babsence heart means we have the right to assume that these deepest tricks aren’t always positive ones. When you put the connotations of ‘jet black’ and also ‘heart’ together to get “jet black heart” they cancel each other out, in a method, which renders us pertained to the conclusion that the “jet babsence heart” can either be emotionmuch less, or ambivalent. To better this also more, “hurricane” is offered. To put it into context, the hurricane is underneath the jet babsence heart. Thus, the jet black heart could be an emotionmuch less exterior, provided as a means of dealing with random outbursts, however in reality, as soon as you’ve acquired through the jet black heart, there’s a hurricane; a hurricane of combined or contradictory eactivities. This can probably be the reason that relationships and friendships store failing. The major character within the song cannot cope via their feelings appropriately, which provides them think that they shouldn’t or can’t keep the friendship/relationship.

I write through a poiboy pen, but these chemicals relocating between us, are the reason to begin again

The “poichild pen” can symbolise letters, messages, messperiods, or anypoint that the character has actually created, yet since it’s come from a jet babsence heart, the pen is poisoned. This could lead to the messages, letters, and so on. being mean/unfair or not true to that the perboy actually is. Yet, “I compose through a poichild pen” can be a means of the character confronting the wrongs they’ve done. The use of ‘but’ is a turning suggest in the chorus. It has actually a sense of hope, that things deserve to readjust and they recognize it deserve to. “But these chemicals moving in between us, are the factor to start again” suggests that the chemisattempt, history, and also feelings between the people in the song are also strong to shed. There’s a connection between them which renders the character think that they deserve to begin over, they can try to fight with this, whatever before it may be, together.


Now I’m holding on for dear life, there’s no way that we could rewind, maybe there’s nopoint after midnight, that might make you stay

Continuing the narrative, this verse is all about exactly how the various other perchild in the relationship now knows their true feelings. ‘Holding on for dear life’ is fairly a prevalent phrase definition using a lot of effort to store somepoint. Therefore, we have the right to infer that the main character in the song is holding tightly on to what’s left of the friendship/relationship. We can better this by saying that by maintaining the partnership, it can assist them get better, and to fight those demons that were discussed at the very beginning. In addition, this verse additionally suggests that they’ve embraced that the other perchild knows their true feelings from the line, “there’s no means that we might rewind”. This suggests that whatever before has actually been sassist is as well deep and as well a lot to conveniently forget. Furthermore, it sounds as though they have a slight regret of opening up, as they’re thinking of what would have actually occurred if they didn’t. The use of ‘maybe’ sounds as if they’re doubting themselves and the connection, different to in the chorus once there was some hope. “Maybe there’s nopoint after midnight, that can make you stay” argues that the various other human being could not completely understand what’s going on within their emotions, and also the major character is worried they’ll leave, also though they desire them to stay. Lastly, you might connect “nothing after midnight” to various other 5SOS songs, e.g. Wrapped Around Your Finger (“throwing rocks at your home window at midnight”), to produce an also deeper narrative.

The blood in my veins, is consisted of of mistakes, let’s forobtain who we are, and dive into the dark, as we burst right into colour, returning to life

Alas! The final section of our evaluation right into the definition behind ‘Jet Babsence Heart’. Blood is an essential part of the huguy body, so admitting that the “blood in my veins is made up of mistakes” is very effective as it’s arguing that the character has actually very deeply rooted regrets. They can have behaved badly due to their emotions, or they could regret not expressing themselves beforehand, which can have actually possibly lessened exactly how they feel now. “Let’s forgain who we are, and dive right into the dark” is prefer they’re leaving their old self behind. Both civilization are contained in this, through ‘we’, so it’s not just one perkid doing this alone, they have actually someone else through them to support them through this change. Diving into the dark might be relating to the jet babsence heart eactivities. Both civilization delve best right into the source of the worry. As the saying goes, it gets worse prior to it gets much better. “As we burst right into colour, returning to life” sounds that they might be overcoming somepoint as a pair, not alone. To us, this sends out out the message that help is okay. It’s okay to ask for help if you’re not feeling ideal, and also there’s no shame in having actually assist from others for you to overcome somepoint. The change from ‘dark’ to ‘colour’ signals a authorize of hope aget. To proceed this better, they’re “returning to life”, a life with colour. Before they “returned”, they may not have actually felt tbelow, and also if they did, it was gloomy. But given that they’ve sought assist, they’ve been able to return to a life complete of colour.



In short, the song is an extremely personal one, to which each individual listener can interpret it to yet they desire. But the overall feel is that if you have problems or hefty, transforming eactivities, it doesn’t mean that it has to come between you and points you love. You can gain help and also obtain with whatever before it may be without ruining the things or civilization closest to you. In the words of Ashton Irwin, “Everyone’s gained their troubles, everyone’s acquired their demons however we wanna be the band also for you, we wanna be right here for you”. And remember, it’s true, 5SOS will certainly constantly be tright here for you.

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