13 reasons Why has actually grown native an adaptation the a smash-hit young adult novel into a people of its own. The Netflix adaptation has brought the personalities who swirled roughly the fatality of Hannah Baker right into their own personal dramas, taking them v dramatic cover-ups and also heartbreaking traumas. Together a student at Liberty High and also Baker"s former ideal friend, Jessica Davis has been at the center of some of the show"s most tense moments. Once the episodes end and viewers space able come relax your shoulders, however, they"re left v a nagging question: Where have actually I checked out her before?

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Actress Alisha Boe has actually never had as large a platform together 13 factors Why, however that doesn"t average she come from nowhere. Just around any continual television watcher in the back half of this decade has probably come across the 23 year-old Norwegian-American actress. She"s made appearances on daytime and also primetime television, getting here on Ray Donovan, Days of our Lives and also Casual, among others.

The young actress has been top top television due to the fact that 2012, transforming up in guest roles and one-off spots on shows choose Modern Family, NCIS, and CSI: Cyber. Her first big role came on the long-running soap opera Days Of ours Lives. Lot as in her later on work, she played the friend of a personality who passed away under secret circumstances. Together Daphne, the college girlfriend of Paige Larson, she showed up on 15 episodes of the daytime show. Her time ~ above Days of our Lives ended with Larson, who was strangled to death in an episode in 2015. 

Elsewhere, she had actually a three-episode operation on CSI: Cyber and appeared on the Hulu original collection Casual. She additionally appeared top top the sleazy Showtime drama Ray Donovan for four episodes, and did part voice job-related for a solitary episode that the Adult Swim series Robot Chicken.


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Boe has actually made other of a point out of playing students in trouble. Top top Ray Donovan, she played a ne"er-do-well called Janet in ~ a Catholic high school, and her function in Casual was as a similar wayward teen.

"Janet and also the character i play on Casual are similar," Boe said in an interview v the Los Angeles Wave. "They prefer to smoke, drink and party. Ns was shoot both shows at the exact same time, which was a many fun come do."

Fans of 13 reasons Why have likely seen her in another teen drama: She showed up in 3 episodes of MTV"s moody Teen Wolf. During the 6th season, she played a high institution student whose sister was caught by the knavish Ghost Riders. She at some point was sent to the otherworldly prison that the ghosts controlled, prior to eventually break free.  

Of course, the suspense at the heart of 13 reasons Why is much an ext grounded in reality. Fans have the right to see just how Alisha Boe"s Jessica Davis handles graduation in the fourth and final season the Netflix"s drama.