DJ Pauly D isn’t the onlyJersey Shoreroommate through a penchant because that music. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro worked with LMFAO to produce a society song right for fist-pumping. Learn much more about Ortiz-Magro’s short-lived music career, add to anotherJersey Shore: household Vacationroommate who had actually a quick stint with music.

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Ronnie Ortiz-Magro | Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

‘Jersey Shore’s theme song is through LMFAO 

LMFAO is an digital dance music duo consisting of Uncle Redfoo and also Nephew SkyBlu. In 2006, LMFAO started making a name for themselves in the electro residence scene. Once the solitary “Get Crazy” became the theme tune for Jersey Shore in 2009, LMFAO continued to climb the ladder that success, which had a project with Ortiz-Magro.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro did a song with LMFAO

In June 2012, Ortiz-Magro’s solitary “How the F— we Gettin’ Home?!” was released. The Jersey Shore star worked with LMFAO on the society hit, which also features other artists Modo and also Jaylyn Ducati.

According to MTV, Ortiz-Magro’s solitary was produced using a song-mixing Facebook application called Songster. A push release because that the song describes it as “the Ronnie experience.”

“Players visit Ronnie’s shoreside party house and learn indigenous Ronnie just how to easily make a song,” the push release continues (via PopCrush). Ortiz-Magro’s participation with LMFAO is an electronic dance track that complies with a basic EDM format with a structure bass line and a melodic drop produced the nightclubs. Ortiz-Magro’s experience “beating the win up” lends chin to the track, and also lyrics like:

Waiting because that a night prefer this, I’ve been wait for for this reason long. Us don’t take it easy, someone take my keys, please. Ns don’t think I’m able to drive.

While “How the F— us Gettin’ Home?!” never ever topped the charts, the remains part of Jersey Shore history. 

‘Jersey Shore: family Vacation’ actors member Angelina Pivarnick additionally released music

In 2010, after ~ leaving Jersey Shore for a second time, Angelina Pivarnick provided her to sing career a shot. She exit her an initial single “I’m Hot” top top Twitter. 

“‘I’m Hot’ is one electro-pop/hip hop track,” she created (viaStarcasm). “ gonna love it!!!” The reality TV star released another single in 2011, “Gotta go Out.” The electronic-pop song celebrates what the actors ofJersey Shoredoes finest — staying out every night and partying.

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Thanks to an episode of Jersey Shore: family members Vacation in season 4, Pivarnick’s tune “I’m Hot” experienced a resurgence in popularity, at the very least with the roommates. “I’m hot, so hot,” Jenni “JWoww” Farley sings the night the her date of birth celebration in the Poconos. “I’m like an ice cream cream cone v a cherry on top.” prefer Pivarnick’s music, it’s just a issue of time prior to the Jersey Shore: family members Vacation cast brings up Ortiz-Magro’s short-lived music career. 

DJ Pauly D’s music career contains multiple struggle songs

DJing is one facet of Pauly DelVecchio’s career. Yet the fact star has also crafted numerous of his very own songs, prefer his 2010 struggle “Beat documents Beat (It’s Time To).” DelVecchio’s talent also lent chin to his various other singles like 2012’s “Night of my Life” featuring Dash, 2013’s “Back to Love” special Jay Sean, and also 2019’s “Silver & Gold” featuring James Kaye.