I don’t know around your Super bowl party, PopWatchers, but at the one ns was at, it take it my friend Meagan about five secs to point out that Jennifer Hudson was not singing “The Star Spangled Banner” live. (Producer Rickey Minor shown to the linked Press the Hudson sang come a backing monitor at his request.) because that the record, it took readers of Michael Slezak’s rave revibrickandmortarphilly.com ofJ. Hud’s take on the nationwide anthem about 28 minutes to suggest out the Oscar winnerwas singing to a backing track, and then y’all were off to the races, some calling the decision disappointing, part wondering what the big deal is. I pretty much side v the last camp. Unequal Bruce Springsteen, that did song live during his halftime show, J. Hud was the end there through herself, and also with a tune as deliberately paced and also aggressively melodic together “The Star Spangled Banner,” the echoes bouncing through that stadium would’ve been all kinds that distracting.

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Not to cite the reality that, girlfriend know, she’s to sing in prior of something like a exchange rate people, and also for the an initial time since suffering unfathomable an individual tragedy — i beg your pardon is to say, the nationwide anthem is claimed to it is in a moment of uplift and also goosebumps, not a worldwide televised gauntlet thrown under to test a singer’s nerves. Hence, why pretty lot everyone that sings the national anthem in ~ the Super bowl sings it come a backing track. Besides, the cries of “she was lip syncing!” and also “Milli Vanilli!” disregard that (a) us were constantly hearing Hudson’s voice, no some anonymous singer’s, and also (b) she certainly was to sing — we simply couldn’t listen it.

And yet…and yet. J. Hud’s power truly would have actually been far more impressive, also legendary, if she’d excellent it live, and also it’s not favor they don’t have ear monitors to assist solve the reverb issue. However ultimately i think I’m walk to cut the woman part slack, if for no other reason than, live or not, that was among my favourite versions of “The Star Spangled Banner” I’ve ever before heard. But what do you think, PopWatchers? vote in our poll below, and also then give us your 2 cents in the comments!

UPDATE: Hudson’s manager, Damien Smith, confirms to brickandmortarphilly.com’s Simon Vozick-Levinson that Hudson offered a pre-recorded backing vocal monitor at Super key organizers’ request. “Any time you carry out the pre-game event, you’re required to give them backing tracks,” states Smith.

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“It’s nothing the end of the norm. it absolutely was Jennifer to sing live — that was she voice.”