15 female Celebs Who got Scary Skinny for A part While celebs have actually nutritionists and also trainers to make sure that they don’t get sick when dieting for a role, the doesn"t median it"s not dangerous.

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mrs celebrities are pretty much instantly required to shed weight once they obtain started in Hollywood. After all, the camera adds ten pounds! (Actresses favor Jennifer Aniston–who is regularly voted as one of the most beautiful ladies in the world–and Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence to be both told to lose weight if they wanted to make it big.) if that often gets shunted aside, because it’s the norm, it’s still pretty typical to see actresses make major headlines once it involves dropping a severe amount of weight in order to play a part.

While celebrities have actually nutritionists, dieticians, and trainers top top hand come make certain that lock don’t get out of manage or get sick while gaining skinny in a short period of time, yes no method it have the right to be thought about healthy, and the stunner yo-yoing the weight deserve to lead come long-term wellness consequences. But, if one wants to appropriately play a dice woman, a medicine addict, a kidnap victim, or a dancer, shedding weight is simply one the the things they’ll need to suffer v in stimulate to do it realistic. These 15 celebs might shock you v their human body transformations, and due come the nature that the images, we warn you the these entries may be triggering.

15 Charlize Theron - Monster to Sweet November

The body change she’s finest known for is definitely in Monster, when she played the duty of prostitute and also serial killer, Aileen Wuornos. The part required the actress to shave off her eyebrows and also gain 30 pounds, yet a mere two years prior to that, Charlize Theron had to look sickly in order to play terminal cancer patience Sara Deever in the 2001 movie Sweet November.

The typically athletic south African beauty walk on a quite rigid diet in order to correctly portray a dying woman: no carbohydrates, no dinner, nothing ~ 5pm, and also no alcohol. If that doesn’t sound dreadful enough, Theron likewise upped her consistent routine that running and yoga in order to drop the 16 pounds compelled of the character. Another example of too much yo-yo dieting for a duty that we do not recommend, us doubt the Theron was very happy in either role, either starving to play the sickly Sara or bingeing top top Krispy Kreme doughnuts and potato chips for Aileen (although the last sounds like a lot more fun!).

14 young name Swank - Boys Don"t Cry

Hilary Swank was simply an unknown actress when she nabbed the role–and the Academy Award–for playing transgender guy Brandon Teena in Boys nothing Cry. Because that the part, Swank had to fully transform it s her physically, including dropping a far-reaching amount the weight.

While Swank is absolutely an actress through a more athletic body form (which she put to great use once she won an Oscar again for her starring function in Million dollar Baby), becoming Brandon Teena compelled her come shed around 20 pounds in order come emulate the character’s lean physique and also bring out the angles in her face. She also strapped under her breasts and lived for a month entire in character before the shoot, confuse her neighbors when she entered and also exited her residence dressed together a man who was tragically murdered by one acquaintance in 1993.

Swank was new to transforming herself for a role, however the dedication paid off and also catapulted her to fame and international recognition as a significant Hollywood heavyweight (no pun intended).

13 Jennifer Hudson - For Winnie Mandela

Former American Idol contestant and Oscar winner, Jennifer Hudson, has had actually her weight be the subject of lot criticism due to the fact that entering the spotlight. In ~ the beginning of her career, Hudson to be chastised for being also heavy, and then, ~ an 80-pound load loss with Weight Watchers, she to be criticized because that being as well thin. You can not win once you’re a mrs in Hollywood!

More recently, in 2011, Hudson was actors as the titular personality in Winnie Mandela, a dramatic biopic around the life the Nelson Mandela’s wife. In order to fill those large shoes, Hudson lost 56 pounds which naturally led numerous to question whether she was currently too “skinny” to carry out the part justice. Refusing to listen to her critics, Hudson explained, “Whatever it takes come morph right into a character, I’ll do it.” many thanks to intense training with a celebrity trainer and also her ongoing use of weight Watchers, dropping the load was a cinch! if Hudson isn’t necessarily scary-skinny, she absolutely has some lollipop-head happening!

12 Jennifer Connelly - because that Shelter

Another actress who has constantly been more slim 보다 curvy, Jennifer Connelly shocked onlookers who saw she filming her brand-new movie on the streets earlier in 2013. Because that her duty as a drug-addicted homeless mrs in Shelter, the first directorial effort by she husband, Paul Bettany, Connelly shed a staggering 25 pounds, giving her thin figure also skinnier arms and pencil-thin legs.

Like plenty of actors, Connelly to be able to carry out the load loss in a healthy manner, back she looked sickly. She declared that the process took months to complete, and also that, during that time, she also tried come familiarize herself v the medicine paraphernalia used by she character yet were unfamiliar come the actress herself. The function also compelled her come learn much more about the resides of homeless people, other the actress states touched she deeply and also opened her eyes come the world around her.

Fortunately, through Bettany by her side, Connelly stated she feeling 100% comfortable throughout filming, and also was able come bounce back to her naturally gorgeous self.

11 Lily James - for Cinderella

When promotion photographs were very first made easily accessible of the brand-new live-action Cinderella, countless were aghast in ~ the physical change of the beloved animated character and at actress/model Lily James’ figure. While Disney’s cartoon Cinderella is as recognized for her tiny waist together she is for she glass slippers, James tried come emulate the look, transforming the already svelte beauty right into something that the scary-skinny variety.

Waist trainers space hot commodities in Hollywood, with many Instagram individualities praising them, but James didn’t just rely on a limit garment to get the exaggerated hourglass look at she wields in the film. Before and also even throughout filming, James stuck to a fluid diet in stimulate to comfortable wear the corset (and not burp food in her costars’ faces). In solution to she naysayers who stated she went as well far, James made it clear the thinness does no equal beauty, saying, “For girls growing up, occasionally I think they obtain the not correct idea because that what women should look like. And also I think the so important to it is in healthy and confident and natural.”

10 Angelina Jolie - Directorial Debut: Unbroken

You’ll regularly hear about actors and also actresses who have dropped or acquired weight because that a role, however what about the civilization behind the camera? if Angelina Jolie has actually been well-known for her reputation as among the sexiest women alive, the pillowy-lipped Oscar winner stepped right into the director’s chair throughout the filming of she movie Unbroken and ate precisely what she actors ate. I m sorry is to say, alongside nothing.

The film complies with Louie Zamperini, a soldier stuck in a Japanese people War II POW camp, and out of support for the actors who were committed to their craft, Jolie additionally ate practically nothing. She physical fitness (or absence thereof) has been a object of lot speculation and also discussion over the last few years, as the actress and also humanitarian experienced a wire of emotionally devastation, including the death of she mother, her very own revelation regarding be moving the very same cancer gene that eliminated her, a double mastectomy, and also the current divorce from Brad Pitt. So, unfortunately, Jolie’s once-voluptuous number has however to return to its former glory.

9 Emily blunt - The evil one Wears Prada and The mediate Bureau

She has actually a specific elegance and grace about her, but for two various film roles, british actress Emily blunt was compelled to burned pounds in bespeak to carry out her personalities justice.

First, in her role as Emily, the anxiety-ridden perfectionist assistant in The adversary Wears Prada, blunt was inquiry to shed some load to that s right portray the fashion-hungry Runway employee. Explicate Emily together a character “on the edge of anorexia” (as she was described in the novel ~ above which the film is based), dull was put on what amounted to a scarcity diet and also was “watched favor a hawk” by producers on set.

Second–and perhaps even much more demanding–was her role in The adjustment Bureau, which observed her play a ballerina. The part required a good deal of physics fitness, and also she would certainly train for four hours a day in the time that led approximately filming. To preserve an extra-slender shape, she was required to undergo another starvation-style diet, this time just subsisting on carrots and also almonds!

8 Rooney Mara - The Girl v the Dragon Tattoo

Rather than just relying on weight loss come portray the duty of Lisbeth Salander in The Girl through the Dragon Tattoo, actress Rooney Mara go the entirety nine yards, dyeing her brown hair black, shaving part of her head, taking up smoking, and getting a dozen piercings (all in one afternoon).

However, it was the shocking weight loss that got the many headlines, through the already-slim Mara whittling herself down to more resemble gaunt computer hacker Salander, and also although she asserted that director David Fincher was not prodding she to shed weight, an excerpt from a Vogue interview that describes him informing her of what she deserve to eat in ~ a dinner tells a various story. (In the interview, the reporter recalls Fincher informing Mara that she can have “lettuce and also a grape. A raisin if you must.”) since the movie to be released earlier in 2012, Mara hasn’t specifically moved far from the function of Salander, picking instead to keep the jet-black hair and also rail-thin frame.

7 Renée Zellweger - Chicago

Renée Zellweger is an actress whose weight has actually been the resource of lot public scrutiny because that over 15 years. When she first burst onto the scene in 2001 as the titular personality in Bridget Jones’ Diary, critics and also audiences were impressed by, attractive to, and taken aback by her voluptuous figure. It was unheard that to view a female personality of average weight (plus-size in Hollywood) together the source of desire for not one however two top men, and also Zellweger wore it how amazing well!

Then, in 2002, because that her role in Chicago, Zellweger to reduce the 30 pounds she had obtained for Bridget Jones...and then some. The correctly up-and-down nature that her load loss and also gain led numerous to doubt that the svelte star to be yo-yo dieting, an unhealthy obsession that can lead to massive medical issues, especially due to the fact that she acquired weight again for the Bridget Jones sequel a year later. Zellweger herself stated that what she to be doing scared her and gave her scare attacks, especially with all the specialists who informed her of how bad this was for she body in the long term.

6 Beyoncé - Dreamgirls

We’re provided to see Beyoncé in all her curvaceous, bootylicious glory, which is why it to be so shocking to see the voluptuous star a tiny fraction of herself during filming and promotion for the movie Dreamgirls in 2006.

For her role, Queen Bey to reduce 20 pounds in a very short quantity of time, saying the she walk it for herself because she want to “lose weight and make a physics transformation” the befit her character’s journey in the film. Over an unheard-of duration of only two weeks, Beyoncé sustained the understand Cleanse, which, if you nothing know about it, is a disgusting mix of water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup...and naught else. The fast permitted Beyoncé to drop the load she felt she required to, yet it left she fans and also family worried.

We probably don’t have to tell girlfriend this, but resorting to too much methods prefer this one is certainly not the method to go, also for a short time, due to the fact that it deprives her body of every the nutrients it needs!

5 Mila Kunis - Dropped to 95 Pounds For Black Swan

Mila Kunis is already a an extremely petite star, yet she was forced to get also smaller in bespeak to effectively play the character of Lily in the 2010 thriller Black Swan. As a ballerina that is do the efforts to victory the role in the production of Swan Lake, Kunis lost 20 pounds through exhaustive training and restrictive eating. For four hours a day, seven days a week, for seven months, Kunis trained native the wee hours in the morning until the late hrs in the evening, at some point dropping down to an astonishing 95 pounds.

While Kunis says that she shed weight the healthy means (although she does recognize to using cigarettes come curb her appetite), she states that she doesn’t recommend it, and that she to be constantly hungry while subsisting on she 1,200 calories-a-day diet. Back she confessed the her load loss looked amazing on camera, in actual life, “I had no shape, no boobs, no a**…All you observed was bone. Ns was like, ‘This look at gross’.”

4 Natalie Portman - black Swan

Alongside she co-star Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman also lost 20 pounds in stimulate to properly fill the ballet slippers the perfectionist, ambitious ballerina Nina Sayers in Black Swan. The already-slim Portman ended up being even much more waif-like in she appearance, thanks to the rigorous maintain schedule and also diet that affiliated loads of black color coffee and cigarettes to save her weight down.

As the star the the film, Portman trained because that 16 hours a day and actually dislocated a rib throughout filming, however considered it to be all component of the role because so plenty of ballerinas endure enormous pain in this excruciating heat of work. She even said that there to be times when filming whereby she honestly believed she was going come die. Her fear was common by manager Darren Aronofsky, that worried over his actress’ weight loss and insisted that she eat, stocking her trailer v food. Happily for Portman (and Aronofsky’s nerves), the actress quit functioning out and also dieting the day filming wrapped and also requested tons of pasta as her an initial celebratory meal.

3 anne Hathaway - shed 25 Pounds In 10 mainly For Les Miserables

Anne Hathaway to be sick and tired of stating the diet that permitted her to portray the sickly Fantine in Les Miserables, in large part since she go not desire to encourage girls and women the this to be a an ideal diet to use or a character who physique one should try to emulate. Fantine was, ~ all, dice of tuberculosis in revolutionary France.

In total, Hathaway shed 25 pounds because that the role–10 in the weeks prior to filming and 15 throughout production. While lot speculation to be made around what scarcity diet she was on (some said she had actually three weeks to shed 16 pounds ~ above a 500-calories-a-day diet), Hathaway wouldn’t elaborate much beyond the fact that she was making it through on “rabbit food,” a meagre helping of just salad and other vegetables in order come portray the dying prostitute. After ~ a certain point, Hathaway ended up being so weakened that she damaged her arm just by riding she bike!

2 Zoe Kravitz - Dropped down To 90 Pounds For The roadway Within

To shed weight for a role is miscellaneous that can force an gibbs to flirt with disaster, yet it is especially worrisome when the gibbs who has taken the part already has actually a background of eat disorders. This was the situation for Zoe Kravitz who whittled herself down to a skeletal 90 pounds for her role in the movie The road Within. While filming the 2014 movie, Kravitz got really close come her previous demons and practically didn’t come back from the part that made she look therefore sickly thin.

In an interview through Marie Claire, Kravitz said that the 20 pounds she lost resulted in her duration to stop and that component of her in reality didn’t want to get the load back, which scared her, and also caused her to reach out to family and also friends because that help. One more indication the Hollywood’s warped perception of human body image? At her lowest weight throughout the film, civilization would regularly educate Kravitz that how good she looked!

1 Antonia Campbell-Hughes - to Play walk away Victim Natascha Kampusch In 3096

You may not recognize the name Antonia Campbell-Hughes, yet you’ve most likely seen she ghostly form a couple of times in the continuous Hollywood roundup the scary-skinny stars. If Campbell-Hughes has always been top top the svelte side (the left photo is she in 2009), she to reduce a major amount of weight in order to play the role of real-life kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch.

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The film, titled 3096 because that the lot of time Kampusch was held captive, is based on a true story which Campbell-Hughes said influenced her to walk the extra mile. “There was an knowledge from the start that i would suffer as lot as she did,” she said. And also suffer, she did! In addition to dropping come a perhaps lethal 80 pounds, Campbell-Hughes likewise suffered a take it Achilles tendon, damaged toe, and fractured rib if filming. However, the film was released in 2013 and also Campbell-Hughes, while maybe not as sickly as before, is still shockingly thin, lending more realness to her function than anyone can have wanted.