Jazmin Johnson is a famous American Actress, Fitness Blogger and also Television personality based in California. Further, Jazmin Johnson concerned the limelight after her appearance in the Bravo collection Married to medication Los Angeles.

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Table of Biography

Early life

Jazmin Johnson to be born on 14th April 1991 in Inglewood, California united States, and is currently 30 years old. The zodiac sign of she is Leo. Likewise, she was born in an African-American family. However, the TV reality show star has not revealed she father’s name and her mother’s surname in the media yet. In fact, Johnson has kept her sibling’s name and other family members members an enig from the media. Native a spiritual point the view, she is a Christian.


Caption: Jazmin Johnson v her son(source: Instagram)

Moving right into the educational background, she has actually shared very small information in this regard. Further, Jazmin has actually completed she high school education at California High School. ~ finishing school, she joined California State university for her more studies. Similarly, she completed she bachelor’s degree in Human advancement from California says University.

Professional Life

Jazmin Johnson is a well-known American Actress, Fitness Blogger and also Television personality based in Inglewood, California, united States. Further, she concerned the limelight after her appearance in the Bravo collection Married to medicine Los Angeles. Likewise, she was supported to the key cast along with Imani Walker, Shanique Drummond, Britten Cole, Lia Dias, and also Kendra Segura for the second season.

The TV show Married to medication Los Angeles was premiered on in march 6, 2019. The TV present is based upon the stays of six women in the L.A. Area who are either female physicians or wives the a doctor.

Other 보다 being a TV personality, she is additionally an entrepreneur and also fitness blogger. Likewise, Johnson is additionally the owner that a clothing line referred to as Nadege 90210. Similarly, she owns another business called The lifestyle Concierge.

Relationship Status


Caption: Jazmin Johnson v her husband and son(source: Brainstudy)

Moving into the connection status, Jazmine is a married woman. She is married to she husband Gadson Johnson. Further, she and Gadson Tied your knot in 2010. Thus, Jazmine and Gadson share a 10 years old and more long connection together.

In addition, Gadson is a psychiatrist and has been practicing in Santa Monica, California for an ext than 15 years. However, Jazmine is an extremely private about her husband and also their married life. In fact, Johnson has actually revealed very small about her marriage Moreover, she has actually kept she sin’s name a an enig from the media as well.

Body Measurement

Talking around body measurement, Jazmin has actually a nice well-shaped and also well-maintained body. Being an actor, she is really concerned about her body figure and physical appearance. Further, Johnson stands in ~ a height of about 5 feet and also 9 inches. Likewise, Johnson has a bodyweight of about 58 kg or 127 lbs.

Social Media and also Net Worth

Moving right into social media availability, Jazmin is pretty much energetic on society media. She has her main account energetic on Instagram, Youtuber, and Twitter. Further, Johnson has actually garnered much more than 155k followers on she Instagram account. Likewise, she has actually earned much more than 2k pendant on she Twitter account. Similarly, she has actually her very own youtube channel. Further, John has actually garnered more than 3k subscribers on her youtube channel.

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In addition, she has earned a pretty grasp amount that money from she career. However, Johnson has actually kept her annual income and salary an enig from the media. As per the source, she has actually an approximated net worth of about $2 million.