In 2019, Ben Roethlisberger threw because that career-high in both yards and highest touchdown total. This caused him creating two top-12 fantasy vast receivers because that the first time in his career: Antonio Brown (WR2) and also JuJu Smith-Schuster (WR9). Transparent his career, there have been 4 seasons the the Steelers have had multiple top-24 receivers. Roethlisberger has produced 10 fantasy WR1s, six fantasy WR2s and also seven fantasy WR3s end the previous 15 seasons. With the exit of Brown, JuJu has arised as the far and also ahead number one wide receiver on the team fantasy-wise (current ADP: WR7, 18th overall).

The next two receivers being considered in most fantasy leagues are James Washington (ADP: WR46, 116th) and Donte Moncrief (ADP: WR50, 127th). Let’s to compare the two players.

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James Washington

Washington to be drafted by the Steelers through the 60th in its entirety pick in the 2018 Draft. Coming the end of Oklahoma, Washington was regarded as one of the top large receivers start the draft. However, in his rookie season, that was only able to haul in 16 the his 38 targets because that 217 yards and also one touchdown. The low target number can have to be a result of Brown and also Smith-Schuster receiving virtually 50% of the targets from Roethlisberger. With so countless targets up for grabs, Washington likely will watch an uptick if he can earn the trust of the quarterback.

Last year, he to be criticized for a autumn in the game against the Broncos. So far this preseason, Washington has eight receptions for 162 yards and also one touchdown. Though this usage seems great, it primarily came with the 2nd or 3rd offensive units. In week 2 the the preseason, Washington only had one snap v the an initial offensive unit. If Washington does not see much more snaps with the very first unit in week 3 versus the Titans, that is unlikely that Washington has earned the WR2 function on the Steelers and is very unlikely come return worth on where you draft him.

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Donte Moncrief

Moncrief to be drafted through the Colts with the 90th pick all at once in the 2014 Draft. He, favor Washington, had actually a somewhat slow rookie season, however he was able to catch over 65% that the passes that come his method from Andrew Luck. His best season come in 2015, once he had actually over 700 receiving yards on over 100 targets. However, since his rookie season, that catch rate has actually dropped almost every year. His lowest record rate came last season through the Jacksonville Jaguars. This may have been more related to reduced quality passes from Blake Bortles and Cody Kessler than his own ability. Unlike with Washington, Roethlisberger has actually praised Moncrief’s drive, abilities and also knowledge the the playbook already during the preseason.

Moncrief appears to already have an advantage to it is in the second receiver top top the Steelers. In mainly 2 the the preseason, all of Moncrief’s restricted snaps were v the an initial unit, indicating the the Steelers arrangement to use him.

The Decision

Throughout his career, Roethlisberger’s 2nd wide receiver has actually finished, top top average, as the 30th large receiver as whole in traditional scoring. Even if it is it’s Moncrief or Washington, there is worth to be had actually for both in ~ their present respective breeze positions. V two an excellent preseason games under his belt in 2019, another might be just enough to prove to Roethlisberger the Washington is worthy of the WR2 spot on the Steelers, however this could likewise boost his ADP to a point that provides his him nearly not worth the risk.

Moncrief, on the various other hand, is available one ring later and all signs allude to it being his project to lose.

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If Washington walk not get more first unit snaps in preseason week 3, climate it is unlikely that he will be the WR2 throughout the continual season and will not be able to return value on his breeze position. Together it stands now, drafting Moncrief seems to be the far better choice.