The James Dean haircut is great hairdo the gets impetus from one of the most well known celebrities of every time. Return he died when that was only 24 the still manages to inspire numerous young civilization six decades after his death. This haircut is perfect for men with wavy strands and it is about leaving a long top with shorter uniform sides and also styling the locks v pomade. The design additionally entails combing back the hair in subtle layers, yet there are different variations of the look. This snapshot gallery showcases some of the many outstanding sport of this classic haircut.

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# 1 classic Rockabilly Pomp


This layout looks like among those that Elvis Presley offered to wear. It maintains a pompadour choose structure in ~ the optimal with the political parties tapered and uniform, however the styling is a standard James Dean brush back.

# 2 Finger Combed Brush Back



Men with medium size wavy hair carry out not must do lot to create their James Dean appearance. In this style, for example, you only have to finger-comb your strands ago to create the style.

# 3 Spiky and Perfect



The spiky and wavy look at of these strands is what provides this a perfect haircut. These spikes space in a uniform length, and also a slim lift is all the styling castle need.

# 4 Pure James Dean Look



This watch is what pan in the 50’s would associate through James Dean. Below he keeps the top around an inch much longer than the smooth sides, and also he formats it with pomade and also with a brush back.

# 5 The herbal Mess


Your poor hair work can likewise give friend an adorable watch if you have a cute organic hair. In this certain design the strands have some beautiful waves and also giving them a lift in ~ the top and brushing the rest back is sufficient to produce a beautiful herbal mess.

# 6 Cool Rebel Look

A rebel appearance prefer this one is fresh and also easy to accomplish because a pair the scissors and a great barber are all girlfriend need. The reduced is about chopping the strands come an nearly equal length and styling it through pomade and a rugged brush back.

# 7 Thick and also Classic Mane

Here is an additional James Dean haircut the entails developing a rebel appearance. But, it is about making the strands look at extra thick and also sweeping them earlier neatly.

# 8 Side swept Top

This reduced is from eastern of Eden i m sorry was among Dean’s most famous movies. Although the maintains his original lengthy top v smooth sides, the strands in ~ the top have a distinct wavy next sweep.

# 9 Voluminous and also Highlighted Brush Back

The volume of the locks in ~ the height is terrific and highlighting lock adds part extra beauty come the look. Your styling is basic but still attractive, and also it only entails sweeping ago the thick mane in ethereal layers.

# 10 perfect Slick Back

Men with prolonged forehead will more than likely not desire to shot this look as it will make it much more evident. That is a straightforward style that just requires a man to chop his strands to a uniform length and use pomade and a comb to offer them a perfect slick back

# 11 sophisticated and Classy Waves

Even James Dean himself would be influenced by this haircut as it is just fantastic. That keeps the political parties short and the upper component long. But, the waves at the height with your slight next sweep and also perfect host is what provides this a glamorous headdress.

# 12 Disconnected and also Undercut Pompadour

Hair prefer this will revolve heads anywhere you go, but only guys with a special wavy mane can attain it. It is about leaving a thick and also long hair in ~ the height that girlfriend should layout into a huge retro pompadour with a disconnection and also undercut top top the sides.

# 13 lover Tapered and also Faded Bangs

The ethereal highlights on this bangs provide them an remarkable color, but the taper cut and also fade top top the sides space what renders this an excellent hairstyle.

# 14 High and also Tight Top

Even together you shot to undertake a continuous James Dean haircut, that is always a good idea to give it a modern touch. In this design, it comes from keeping the peak high and tight with a smooth fade the the remainder of the head.

# 15 Retro Trimmed and also Styled Mane

This beautiful hairdo is likewise ideal for men with a thick mane. It requires giving that a moderate scissor trim and making the sides much shorter than the top. The headdress then finishes v a subtle sweep back.

# 16 Cute Textured Locks

Unlike the traditional James Dean looks this one keeps some textured bangs ~ above the upper component which a guy only needs to sweep earlier in ethereal layers. These locks pair through the short and also uniform sides to produce an attractive as whole appearance.

# 17 Clean and also Wavy Taper

The tapering in this haircut is together clean and also perfect together it deserve to get. This haircut likewise has part thick wavy bangs who styling entails sweeping it ago in layers.

# 18 Layered and also Buzzed

It is no always around giving your hairdo a fancy style at the top due to the fact that the architecture at the earlier and sides also matters. This specific one has actually an superior buzzing in ~ the back that pairs v the lengthy layered locks to produce an appeal retro hairdo.

# 19 Sweet and Sexy Taper

This haircut combine a wonderful taper reduced on the sides with some wavy and also upswept locks on the crown to develop a sweet and also sexy headdress.

# 20 Classy Blonde Waves

Blonde is a beautiful hair shade that can additionally work for men. It is among the elements that make this an attractive haircut, yet the taper reduced on the sides and the brushed back waves ~ above the upper section also have a crucial role to play.

# 21 Well-Groomed Waves

Every gentleman that wants to look at classy have to work ~ above his hair to organize skills. Although this hairdo has a fabulous cut the grooming which entails giving the strands top top the crown a messy upsweep is what provides this a beautiful hairstyle.

# 22 an easy and Stylish Brush Back

Every male with a thick wavy hair can accomplish this James Dean haircut. It is about giving the strands a taper cut and also styling them into a neat, slick back.

# 23 Choppy and also Bold Bangs

The beauty beauty of this haircut is in the styling and involves leaving part high and wavy bangs top top the crown while to brush the sides and earlier to make them appear short.

# 24 Moveable and also Undercut Bangs

This cute hairdo has actually plenty of movement at the top. That is around leaving part long and textured locks top top the crown and also giving the political parties a quite undercut. The last action is to use pomade come the strands and also style by brushing the lengthy ones end the undercut.

# 25 Refined and Elegant

A statement do look favor this one will never ever go the end of trend. It is additionally a straightforward style with a long top and short sides. The styling entails using hair product to provide the long locks some hold and styling them through a lift and sweep come the side.

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The James Dean haircut will be about for plenty of years come come as it provides men the capacity to wear a rebel appearance there is no overdoing things. Although that works finest for thick and wavy hair, that is feasible to attain it with any type of other hair type. The photo gallery over provides some helpful ideas on how you have the right to wear this look.

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