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Jameis Winston commemorated in layout on draft night -- and also poked some funny at his past.

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Hours after gift selected by the Buccaneers through the No. 1 as whole pick in the NFL draft, Winston posted an Instagram photograph of himself posing in front of a serving of crab legs.

Jameis Winston poses v a Buccaneers cap after he was selected together the No. 1 breeze pick.AP Photo/Butch DillThe photo was later removed from his Instagram page. Winston had actually tweeted, "Thanks Capt for the crab legs," and also linked to the Instagram photo prior to it was deleted.

The Tampa Bay times reported Friday the the Buccaneers "encouraged" Winston come take down the photo. However, a source told"s Ed Werder top top Friday that the Bucs to be not connected in the decision to remove the image.

The photo likely was a recommendation to once Winston was cited because that shoplifting crab legs from a supermarket last year, among several off-the-field incidents that marred his college job at Florida State.

Winston wore a No. 3 Buccaneers jersey and team cap in the photo. The 21-year-old quarterback repeatedly has said he has learned from the off-the-field mistake that threatened to undermine his share in the draft.

The 2013 Heisman Trophy winner to be issued a polite citation because that shoplifting on April 29, 2014, after he walked out of a Tallahassee, Florida, supermarket there is no paying for $32 precious of crab legs and crawfish. At the time, Winston acknowledged he "made a destructive mistake," speak he left the store "without payment for one of my items."

But throughout a recent appearance top top"s draft Academy, Winston declared he did no steal the crab legs, saying rather that lock were provided to that by a grocery save employee.

Winston additionally was accused that sexual attack during his student in the first year season at Florida State but never was charged. In addition, that generated negative headlines last season when he to be suspended because that one game after climbing top top a table in the FSU student union and shouting an obscenity.

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Winston thanked the Buccaneers because that drafting that Thursday night.

"Actions speak so much louder than words, or what castle may have actually read or what castle may have heard," that said. "It"s around your actions. Everything is in the previous is in the past. I look front to gaining everyone"s trust."