The big man is make the efforts to do the many of his football shot. When it"s all over, he to know what he desires to do.

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Baylor"s LaQuan McGowan was listed as a 6"7, 390-pound lineman once he shocked the world and Michigan State"s defense by springing because that an 18-yard touchdown in the noodle Bowl two periods ago.

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This to be at the end of McGowan"s redshirt junior season in Waco. However at the complying with year"s feather practice, it recorded McGowan by surprise when a coach had news to offer him.

"I didn"t know that it to be gonna happen," McGowan said. "The first day that spring practice last year, lock were sort of like, "Oh, hey, you"re v the tight end now, so great luck.""

McGowan didn"t to speak anything. "Is this yes, really happening ideal now?" he thought.

It was.

McGowan, top top his way up to 410 pounds, transitioned from guard come the biggest skill player in major football

He had actually two much more catches in his senior season, both because that touchdowns. His cameos earned him an All-Big 12 honorable mention and a bona fide Piesman Trophy candidacy.

Nowadays, McGowan is steeped in ready for this month"s NFL Draft. There"s a the majority of uncertainty in his world. He thinks he have the right to be a starting guard and said he"ll heat up at fullback or protective tackle if a team desires him there.

McGowan spent 5 years in Baylor"s outrageously fertile offense, the last pair as a duty player. The Bears run a sort of pro-style spread, and McGowan feels ready for what"s next.

"A many the things that we do, you see in the NFL," he told SB Nation. "Well, maybe not using a 400-pound tight end. Yet a the majority of the things that we carry out stem indigenous the NFL, the layout of play, ns believe, the the NFL uses. You"ve obtained workout training and stuff like that, that"s prefer the NFL. Offseason, it would certainly be just like the NFL. Everything that we execute stems approximately how things are done in ~ the next level."

But he hasn"t to be able come gauge interest yet from any certain teams. He"s going into the draft somewhat blind.

"It"s just a wait game," McGowan said. "All I have the right to do in ~ this suggest is pray. If the happens, the happens. If not, life goes on, and you"ve obtained to find something else."

McGowan is a large man, even amongst NFL large men. The reckons his time in the league wouldn"t last much longer than 3 to 5 years, an achieved NFL career also for only 300-pounders, whose weight can cause health problems.

Fortunately, he has actually a post-playing career currently in mind.

"I feeling like once that"s end with, the WWE is calling my name"

The Amarillo, Texas, indigenous wants to be a experienced wrestler. He"s currently talked come a "couple that people" in the industry who "said they can be interested and talked to me a small bit around the process and just how stuff works."

When asked, incredulously, if he to be serious around planning this much ahead, McGowan deadpanned, "Yup. I"lllllll perform it," drawing it out for emphasis.

"I"ve watched the on TV. I"ve thought about, "What would be something good or something that ns would reap doing because that a decent, because that a long duration of time?"" that said. "For big guys in the NFL, they really don"t last the long."

This isn"t a lifelong dream for McGowan. He began thinking about it recently, and he just watched the WWE occasionally while he was farming up. Yet he sounds determined to offer it a try, v one thing left to figure out.

"I"ve to be thinking, and I can"t come up through a nickname," that said. "But I"ll acquire one. It"ll be the best nickname you"ve acquired out there, too."

McGowan desires you to understand he"s an ext than simply huge

When you"re fine over 6"7, you"re already partly an NFL scout"s dream. But when you"re more than 400 pounds, it"s not the easiest thing to to convince evaluators you"ve got abilities past being huge.

"Some human being may it is in blinded by my size and also not recognize, friend know, the skill collection that I perform have. As soon as they watch me, they can go ahead and also make a preconceived judgment on exactly how I could play or something favor that," he said. "But those world don"t recognize that I deserve to catch. I can run. I have actually the agility to carry out stuff."

There"s a pretty good chance he"s quicker than you, and he"s got experience in basketball, track and baseball. He to be a placekicker in high school and also says most of his kickoffs reached the finish zone. He can also catch footballs with one hand.

But it"s pretty clean that size is McGowan"s defining asset

McGowan embraces being gigantic and also he thinks it provides him a emotional edge. Rarely carry out linemen or linebackers walk head-to-head against someone who totally dwarfs them.

"It"s always good, man. Sometimes it it s okay in people"s heads, and just looking at a guy, saying, "Wow, he"s huge." periodically it disrupts miscellaneous in someone else"s head. Someone can have longer arms 보다 someone else, therefore it"s simply an advantage, being bigger," the said. "There"s constantly gonna be who stronger, always gonna be someone faster, yet to me, I just can"t permit anyone outwork me. If I"m going against someone that"s ~ above the defense, my goal is to never ever let lock beat me as long as we"re walking up against each other."

On left: Baylor"s LaQuan McGowan (410 lbs) size 52 pants. On the right: WR Corey Coleman"s size 26.
SSpakeESPN) October 23, 2015

For fun, SB nation grilled McGowan on even if it is he"d rather record a touchdown or lay a massive pancake block on somebody. It to be a difficult question, however there was only one answer.

"Yeah," that said, "you can give me a pancake any type of day."

Before the WWE, McGowan is set on playing in the NFL.

McGowan is trimming a little bit -- currently to 405 pounds -- before the draft. If he gets drafted, the likeliest point out is somewhere late, or that could record on as an undrafted cost-free agent.

The NFL is a brutal business, and also the odds aren"t in favor of anyone however the highest possible picks remaining for long. However McGowan tasks confidence that"s as huge as the is.

"I very doubt that i won"t get in and get ~ above a team. To me, it"s a must. Like, I have actually to obtain to the NFL. I have actually to acquire there, because that me, due to the fact that I"ve been doing this because that so long," he said.

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"Why prevent now?"

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