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i beg your pardon of the complying with is not part of project human source management?a. Source estimatingb. Acquiring the task teamc. Occurring the task teamd. Regulating the job team
_______ causes people to participate in an task for their very own enjoyment.a. Intrinsic motivationb. Extrinsic motivationc. Me motivationd. Social an ideas
in ~ the bottom the Maslow’s pyramid or hierarchy of demands are _________ needsa. Self-actualisationb. Esteemc. Safetyd. Physiological
according to McClelland’s acquired-needs theory, world who desire harmonious relationswith other people and need come feel embraced have a high _________ needa. Socialb. Achievementc. Affiliationd. Extrinsic
_________ power is based on a who individual charisma.a. Affiliationb. Referentc. Personalityd. Legitimate
A _________ maps the work of a project, as defined in the WBS, come the world responsible for performing the work.a. Project business chartb. Work definition and assignment process c. Source histogramd. Responsibility assignment matrix
A staffing management arrangement often includes a resource __________, i m sorry is a obelisk chart that shows the number of resources assigned to the task over time.a. Chartb. Graphc. Histogram d. Timeline
What an approach can you use to resolve source conflicts by delaying tasks?a. Source loadingb. Resource levelingc. An essential path analysisd. Overallocation
What space the 5 stages in Tuckman’s design of team development, in chronological order?a. Forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourningb. Storming, forming, norming, performing, and also adjourningc. Norming, forming, storming, performing, and adjourningd. Forming, storming, performing, norming, and also adjourning
which of the adhering to is not a tool or technique for regulating project teams?a. Observation and also conversationb. Job performance appraisalsc. Conflict managementd. Social styles Profile
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