Injustice 2has lastly landed on Xbox One and also PS4, and also we currently have a few quick and also easy travel guide to help you along the way, including just how to unlock Cyborg’s Premier net skin, just how to unlock all personalities (including Brainiac and also Darkseid), and how come clash.

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Another vital feature of theInjustice 2experience is built about the game’s currency, source crystals.


Source crystals are something you’ll earn organically throughout the Injustice 2experience. Castle can also be it is in bought with actual money to transform Gear, unlock Premier Skins, or level increase a character.

The difficulty with resource crystals is the they’re reasonably rare, and you won’t discover them readily available up together a reward for completing or also winning a match.

The an excellent news is that if you play throughInjustice 2‘s story campaign, you’ll knife a steady circulation throughout the 4-5 hours of gameplay. Through the finish the campaign, by every reports you need to have enough to buy one Premier Skin.


There’s another means to earn source crystals dynamically, and also that’s in the game’s Multiverse mode.

The Multiverse mode is a single-player area, no unlikeMortal Kombat X‘s life towers. There room multiple planets with various challenges, every offering between one and three different objectives.

Each objective will certainly expire after a set time, and there’s a an excellent UI to track your progress. Completing these willoccasionallyland you additional resource crystals. The good news is that, despite having to yes, really farm and also grind to unlock this lucrative currency, the Multiverse endure is relatively unique and also diverse, and there’s constantly something new to do. While not every one of the difficulties are perfect, it never quite feels favor a chore, so that makes farming for source crystals more of one afterthought. Many of the rewards will certainly be in the method ofMother crate or Epic pieces of gear, but source crystals will be dropped every now and also then.


Beyond that, if you’re not ready to go with the campaign and also complete challenges, you’re walk to must fork out genuine cash for resource crystals. Thankfully, the prices seem reasonably affordable similar to other games.

Most Premier skin cost roughly 6,000 source crystals, and also purchasing 12,000 crystals will set you ago $6. That’s $3 a skin, through 1,000 source crystals left over due to the fact that you should buy 13,000 to cracked the 12,000 mark (not consisting of what you may have have organically unlocked). That’s cheaper than most other games, which usually offer skins in ~ $5 come $6 a pop.

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Here’s the pricing for resource crystals inInjustice 2.

2,000 crystals — $0.9911,000 crystals — $4.9923,000 crystals — $9.9950,000 crystals — $19.99150,000 crystals — $49.99