India Love’s Situationship through Drake only Sex exclusively reports, India Love is not dating Drake, but has privately reconciled through her ex boyfriend, one ex UCLA player. Over the past couple of weeks, reports have surfaced the India has finished her relationship with Cliff Dixon and is secretly dating Drake. Drake use to day India’s sister, Crystal Westbrook.

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Crystal, India, Drake

In fact, decision took shots at her sister ~ above Twitter, however later turned off them. Inspect it the end below.

A resource tells us solely that Drake and India are NOT dating but are in a ‘situationship’ of sorts.

They’re not exclusive. They’re not anything. They had sex and that’s it. Drake doesn’t want ANYONE come know. He’s not a fan that their secret has gotten out.

If this is true, this describes why the rapper and Rihanna recently split. It also explains why she post this on Instagram over the weekend.

A resource says,

Rihanna didn’t know around India. India had been walking to all of Drake’s shows, kicking it backstage on some groupie form behavior. Rihanna found out that he slept with India and ended it.

India, Cliff

We’re told the from the start India wanted to be in a high profile relationship.

When her reality show ended , she want to stay on the blogs, for this reason she and also Cliff decided to come to be a ‘power couple’. It was all great for awhile, yet Cliff wasn’t feeling few of the circles that India was to run in. They started fighting a lot and decided to end things.


The Game, India Love (circa 2014)

A resource claims that while India and Cliff to be together, she was still in call with Game, whom she use to date.

Through her totality relationship v Cliff she was still trying come get earlier with The Game. They had secret meet ups in ~ AOD, sending him nudes and also complaining about how she was simply using Cliff come get another season on her show and how the was really broke.


While it’s being extensively reported the India and Drake space together, an insider claims that India has actually reconciled with her ex boyfriend, former UCLA player Ron Robinson.

She dated Ron before Cliff. She got ago with him after her and also Cliff broke up.


Ron takes treatment of India financially. She’s struggling for money ideal now and he payment for everything — her condo, she car, everything. Before Ron, she to be living at home with her parents.

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Earlier this year, India made headlines after ~ it showed up that Game and Ron had end up being friends after learning they to be BOTH dealing with her at the very same time. See the Snapchat that video game posted below.