Mammary, salivary, and also sweat glands are contact examples of _____ glands.A) exocrineB) ductlessC) medullaryD) corticalE) endocrine
Endocrine glands create substances calledA) neuropeptides.B) pheromones.C) neurotransmitters.D) lumones.E) histamines.

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Hormones circulate with _____ come the human body area ~ above which castle will have actually an effect.A) apocrine canalsB) target cellsC) human body fluidsD) nerve processesE) exocrine ducts
The examine of endocrine glands and their hormones is calledA) histology.B) neurology.C) physiology.D) endocrinology.E) neurobiology.
A(n) _____ has actually receptors come which chemistry messengers selectively tie or on i beg your pardon they have actually an effect.A) pheromoneB) hormoneC) endocrine glandD) mitogenE) target cell
In fishes, the _____ are the most important producers of hormones.A) brain and pituitary glandB) adrenal and pituitary glandsC) pancreas and adrenal glandsD) hypothalamus and pituitary glandsE) mind and spinal cord
The pineal gland the fish shows up to respond to _____ that enables it to help in synchronizing task patterns.A) lightB) temperatureC) water qualityD) electrical chargesE) ion concentration
Which glands secrete calcitonin in jawed fishes and also primitive tetrapods?A) parathyroid glandsB) thyroid glandsC) ultimobranchial glandsD) thymus glandsE) pineal glands
What do hormones released by the bursa that Fabricius regulate?A) maturation of white blood cellsB) time of moltingC) manufacturing of compounds essential for egg hardeningD) testosterone levelsE) incubation temperature
In birds, the hormone _____ leader to the illustration of a brood patch which help to transfer heat to the emerging embryos throughout incubation.A) calcitoninB) prolactinC) urotensinD) insulinE) oxytocin
A hormone called _____ rises metabolic price to help maintain homeostasis.A) TSB) thyrotropinC) TRD) hypothalamineE) thyroxine
Hormones that space biochemically _____ generally involve a "second messenger" to accomplish their action.A) steroidsB) aldehydesC) aminesD) phospholipidsE) glycerides
Hormonal regulation in greater vertebrates is based generally onA) the medulla oblongata and also the adrenal glands.B) the pancreas and the adrenal glands.C) the thalamus and the pineal gland.D) the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland.E) the pituitary and pineal glands.
The receptor system used by steroid hormones requires stimulation ofA) actin-myosin synthesis.B) phosphorylation mechanisms.C) lipid synthesis.D) carbohydrate hydrolysis.E) protein synthesis.
The adrenal medullaA) is directed by set of nerve cells in the brain.B) is controlled by the pituitary.C) tricks only as soon as glucose levels room low.D) functions independently of nerves and also nerve cells.E) works with digestive processes.
The pituitary gland is additionally called theA) infundibulum.B) hypophysis.C) epiphysis.D) hypothalamus.E) neurothalamus.
The bursa of Fabricius is an endocrine structure found only inA) mammals.B) amphibians.C) birds.D) protozoans.E) sponges
One of the hormone stored, and also then exit by the neurohypophysis isA) thyroxine.B) ACTH.C) diuretic.D) MSH.E) oxytocin.
In insects, the hormone _____ induces molting.A) ecdysiotropinB) prothoracicotropic hormoneC) ecdysoneD) bursiconE) juvenile hormone
A substance that stimulates the excretion of pee is dubbed aA) vasopressor.B) corticotrophin.C) diuretic.D) somatomedin.E) lutenizer.
One function of oxytocin is toA) wake up the secretion of thyroxine.B) enhance breast development in females.C) create growth-related events.D) promote ejection that milk indigenous the mammary glands.E) decrease urine output.

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The _____ gland is located in the neck, anterior come the trachea.A) pituitaryB) thyroidC) adrenalD) pancreasE) peneal
Epinephrine and norepinephrine space secreted byA) neurosecretory cells in the hypothalamus.B) cell of the adrenal cortex.C) neurosecretory cells in the adrenal medulla.D) cell of the adenothypophysis.E) cells of the zona fasiculata.