There are plenty of such products accessible on the market. over there are numerous such products accessible in the market.

Note: I"m quite clear around using on when describing the product ease of access on the Internet where in does not sound okay to me.


When you usage "in" the market, I have tendency to feel that you are talking about a product or company compared to others in that market.

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We need to position ours product in the market. CompanyX is our most important competitor in this market. In this market, it is essential to it is in innovative.

You can likewise be in the sector if you are willing come buy something. Compare:

CompanyX is on the market for a takeover. CompanyX is in the sector for a takeover.

The an initial sentence method someone deserve to buy castle - the second indicates they want to buy!

If other is for sale, it is on the market.

Our product has been ~ above the market for two months now. Over there is a the majority of software ~ above the market. I desire to relocate to one more town; I put my house on the market.

In today"s market, it will certainly take a while for my house to be sold.

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