1. In a structure chart, a____ line, whichhas a diamond on one end, indicates that a manage module determines whichsubordinate modules will be invokeD:
2. During ____ testing, programmers need to testprograms that connect with other programs and files individually, before theyare integrated into the system.

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4. The target of ____ experimentation is toidentify and eliminate execution errors that could cause a regime to terminateabnormally, and logic errors that can have to be missed during workdesk checking.
5. ____ is the process of reviewing theprogram code to spot logic errors, which create incorrect results.
8. To achieve better, faster, and also lessexpensive techniques of software program development, ____ design a ability MaturityModel (CMM)®, which improves quality, reduces advance time, and also cuts costs.
11.O-O evaluation makes it much easier to translate things model directly into anobject-oriented programming language. This process is dubbed object-oriented____.A:changeover B:development C:tracking D:cycling
12. ____measures a module"s scope and processing characteristics.A:Stimulation B:Cohesion C:Code testimonial D:Integration
13. A ____ evaluationassesses the all at once quality of the details system.A:pre-implementation B:post-implementation C:pilot-implementation D:testing-implementation
14. A regulate coupleshows a message, additionally called a ____ flag, i m sorry one module sends out to another.A:cycle B:data C:status D:cutover
15. The ____ cutoverapproach causes the changeover native the old mechanism to the brand-new system come occurimmediately as soon as the new system i do not care operational.A:direct B:parallel C:pilot D:phased
16. Typically, ahigher-level module, referred to as a ____ module, directs lower-level modules.A:control B:terminal C:iteration D:method
17. The setting forthe actual mechanism operation is dubbed the ____ environment.A:operational B:production C:either a. Or b.D:neither a. No one v.
18. ____ deserve to be used tomodel organization logic for an info system. A:Decision tables B:Decision trees C:either a. Or b.D:neither a. Nor b.
19. Defect tracking software application documents and tracks replacement code, dubbed ____. A:stubs B:units C:flags D:patches
20. A module is composed of related routine code organized right into ____ systems that are basic to understand and also maintain. A:small B:large C:either a. Or b. D:neither a. No one b.
21. Trial and error two or much more programs that count on each other is referred to as integration testing, or ____ testing. A:stub B:desk C:loop D:link
22. Much more recently, the Software engineering Institute established a new model, called capability Maturity model ____, that integrates software and also systems advancement into a lot larger framework called process improvement. A:International B:Cohesion C:Process D:Integration
23. Objects contain both data and also program logic, called ____.

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A:methods B:conditions C:attributes D:tests
24. Throughout systems implementation, the ____ serves as a blueprint for building the brand-new system. A:system architecture specification B:RFQ C:RFP D:system framework chart
25. A problem line suggests that a regulate module identify which ____ modules will certainly be invoked, depending on a specific condition. A:parent B:peer C:subordinate D:pilot
26. The ____ operation changeover an approach requires the both the old and the new information systems operate totally for a mentioned perioD: A:direct B:parallel C:pilot D:phased
27. A successful details system requires ____ because that users, managers, and IT employee members so people understand the system and also know exactly how to usage it effectively. A:tracking B:flowcharting C:code reviews D:training
28. Structured application development usually involves a ____ approach, i m sorry proceeds from a general style to a in-depth structure. A:bottom-up B:top-down C:parallel process D:parent-child
29. Translate into the regime using a situation tool or a language compiler detects syntax errors, which are ____ errors.
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