It"s much less likely the someone (even with a passing attention in mid-90s alternate rock radio) would recognize much about Sponge. That is an ext likely you"re vaguely aware of the driving absent hit "Plowed", a song around human wreckage and a human being full the it, whether you knew Sponge was responsible because that it or not. What friend should recognize is the it"s the 25-year anniversary of that song"s record, Rotting Pinata, and also twenty-five years because the death of grunge symbol Kurt Cobain and the beginning of the succeeding downfall of the genre he assisted pioneer into the mainstream. The timing of this is important because it directly influenced Sponge and their capability to cash in top top what was making Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and others so wildly popular. At your outset, Sponge"s sound satellite somewhere in between the punchy punk sound of social Distortion and also the moody drudgery of rock Temple Pilots-- ripe for radio pat and an international tours top top the back of various other grunge giants that the time. Rotting Pinata to be fortunate come hit gold and shoot Sponge into one-hit wonder standing for the remainder of their days. However, Rotting Pinata was already on well-trodden floor by 1994 and also too so late to choose up any heavy steam on the grunge train that had actually left the terminal three year earlier. By make the efforts again through their second album Wax Ecstatic in 1996, Sponge to be met with small fanfare and also acclaim yet had a minor hit on the Chasing Amy soundtrack ("Have You watched Mary"). The tune channeled The black Crowes an ext than band"s roots in rusty grunge, and also this development (regression?) in sound foreshadowed the bands dive into much more pop and also country twinged alternative rock, quite than sticking with the dying genre they were borne the end of. 1999"s appropriately titled new Pop Sunday saw through their change to a pop-alternative rock outfit, washing themselves of any kind of indication they were still in the service of composing brooding grunge riffs.For their trouble, Sponge (who is still a band) gifts its fans a repertoire of b-sides and demos indigenous a few years following their very first and 2nd albums. Demoed faithfully complies with the bands career arc track by track-- the an initial several tracks featuring the downtrodden riffing of early on STP and also the croaky vocals that Mike Ness, if the center of the album matches the alternative rock and pop spices of Bush and also later-era cumulative Soul. The album finishes with 3 cover songs and also acoustic versions of your two many recognizable tracks, "Plowed" and "Molly (16 Candles)". Demoed has one or 2 tracks worth a turn (namely the opener), however it"s tough to say that this mish-mash of monitor is anything an ext than a cash in on one anniversary-- whether that"s 25-years because the heyday that grunge, or Molly"s 41st birthday.

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For it"s run-time, a compilation that b-sides old enough to drink is a difficult sell, even to the most specialized grunge fan who likely wouldn"t offer much time come Sponge in the very first place. Also in 2019, being so late to the party still isn"t law Sponge any type of favors.
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