Question 1 i m sorry of the following finest addresses the economicquestion for whom to produce? (5 points)

Compass Learning group contracts a team native India to compose acourse.

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Head Tome runs a social networking website with incorporatedadvertising.

Lady Zigzag"s agent provides concert tickets available on a newsmartphone app.

InFocus conducts emphasis groups to determine its targetmarket.

Question 2 Jen is beginning a non-profit store. She plans come sellhandmade african scarves and jewelry. Which economic question(s)would Jen still must answer? (5 points)

For whom to produce?

How come produce?

What come produce? and For whom to produce?

What to produce?and how to produce?

Question 3 i m sorry of the adhering to addresses all three of thebasic financial questions? (5 points)

You begin your own lunch delivery service serving areabusinesses and featuring all organic meals baked in her home.

You begin a wedding plan business and also advertise yourservices online.

You decision to occupational from residence using her existing office together yourheadquarters.

You launch a nanny-referral organization focusing ~ above young, workingfamilies in your community.

Question 4 Devon start his poem in a nationwide contest, ratherthan involvement his friends in ~ a soccer game. Which would be along-term benefit of his choice? (5 points)

Getting extra credit transaction in his literature class

Saving money ~ above food concessions at the game

Watching his favourite team victory the championship

Winning a scholarship for his writing

Question 5 usage the cost-benefit analysis table to answer thequestion:

Should Mrs. Baxter enable her students to take an open-booktest?


Which the the following would best fill theblank space? (5 points)

Mrs. Baxter will have to make the check harder.
Parents may complain around grades.
Students may not lug their publications to class.
Students will be happier through Mrs. Baxter.

Question 6

Use the cost-benefit evaluation table come answer the question:

Should Philip customize his motorcycle?


Philip is thinking around customizing his motorcycle. A paintjob, saddlebags, and a radio would cost $600. His motorcycle isolder, so he additionally knows the he will should get one more motorcyclesometime in the following two years. He create a cost-benefit analysistable to study his choices. What explain wouldbest complete the chart, and also why? (5 points)

He will be able to drive his motorcycle on his upcomingvacation.
He will be able to lengthen the life of his motorcycle.
He will certainly temporarily have actually less money in his financial institution account.
He will certainly spend more time through friends throughout the repairs.

Question 7 Yao"s asian Market selling dragon fruit for $3 each.The store usually sells 20 dragon fruit a week. Dragon fruit is inseason, and also the market can maintain a steady delivery. Theproduce manager decides to have actually a sale on dragon fruit and reducesthe price to $2 each. I m sorry of these would happen? (5 points)

The need would not store up v the supply.
The supply would not store up through the demand.
The amount demanded would certainly decrease.
The amount demanded would certainly increase.

Question 8


Which statement best interprets the graph? (5 points)

As the amount demanded decreases, the price increases.
As the amount demanded increases, the price stays thesame.
As the price decreases, the amount demanded increases.
As the price increases, the amount demanded increases.

Question 9


Use the over graph come answer the adhering to question. I beg your pardon lineindicates rise in demand? (5 points)




A seller makes a brand-new smartphone and also presells four thousand unitsfor $300 each. The factory has the volume to create one thousandsmartphones every month. Anticipated sales are five hundred devices permonth. Which of these would certainly occur throughout the first few months ofsales? (5 points)

Limited demand would boost the price.
Limited supply would increase the price.
Unlimited demand would diminish the price.

Unlimited supply would certainly decrease the price.



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Look in ~ the graph. Wherein P is price and also Q is quantity, how arepoint A and line S related? (5 points)

Point A is the quantity offered at a provided price; heat Srepresents the demand.
Point A is the quantity provided at a provided price; line Srepresents the total supply.
Point A is the amount demanded in ~ a offered price; line Srepresents complete supply.

Point A is the quantity demanded at a given price; heat Srepresents the equilibrium price.



If the x-axis is Quantity and the y-axis is Price, what walk the85 in suggest (85, 5) represent? (5 points)

The quantity gave at time 1
The quantity supplied at time 2
The price at time 1
The price in ~ time 2


An increase in demand reasons the demand curve come (5 points)

shift to the left
shift to the right
increase that is slope

decrease that is slope


When Hurricane Katrina shut down plenty of oil refineries, the supplycurve for oil (5 points)

shifted come the left
shifted come the right
stayed the same

became same to zero



The supply and demand curves display data because that trendy smartphonecovers. How would the graph change if the producer rental a popularactor as spokesperson because that the product? (5 points)

Add D2 come the right of D, reflecting a diminish in demand andincrease in equilibrium price.
Add D2 come the right of D, showing boost in demand andincrease in equilibrium price.
Add D2 to the left of D1, mirroring a decrease in demand anddecrease in equilibrium price.

Add D2 come the left that D1, showing an increase in need anddecrease in equilibrium price.


Which may occur as a result of a to decrease in the price the laptopcomputers? (5 points)

Increase in demand
Increase in amount demanded
Decrease in demand

Decrease in amount demanded



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The supply and demand curve reflect the accessibility and costof a brand-new gaming system. The producer announces that the brand-new systemwill be compatible with existing games under the very same brand. Whichchange will most likely take place to the graph? (5points)

Demand will transition left, lowering the sector price.
Demand will shift right, elevating the sector price.
Supply will transition right, lowering the market price.

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Supply will transition left, raising the sector price.


Sam takes a five-dollar bill from his wallet. The exchanges thebill for 4 quarters and four one-dollar bills. The then supplies thechange to buy a party of water native a vending machine. Whichcharacteristics of money has Sam bestdemonstrated? (5 points)

Acceptability, divisibility, and also portability
Divisibility, scarcity, and also stability that value
Durability, portability, and standard

Medium, scarcity, and also value