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"If i Was her Girlfriend" to be the 2nd single native American musician Prince"s 1987 dual album sign o" the Times. The tune was a fight in the unified Kingdom yet was only a minor struggle in America. That was initially from the Camille task of 1986, which to be to be exit under the guise the Prince"s alter ego named Camille. The tune is delivered from an androgynous masculine perspective to a woman, wherein Prince explores the possibilities that a much more intimate relationship if he were his lover"s platonic girlfriend. Trouser push names the track as one of the album"s highlights, noting the it "redefines a relationship in a surprisingly mature way." it is thought that "If ns Was your Girlfriend" faces the jealousy Prince felt at the close shortcut shared between then girlfriend/fiancée Susannah Melvoin through her pair sister Wendy. Musically, the song functions Prince"s pitched-up, androgynous vocals over a sparse bass and drum machine pattern, punctuated by a keyboard line. The opening seconds encompass a sound collage that has an orchestra tuning up, a salesman and a sample that Felix Mendelssohn"s "Wedding March". Follow to engineer Susan Rogers, a rare technical error ~ above her part led to distortion—albeit just on certain words. As recounted in Alex Hahn"s book Possessed: The Rise and also Fall of Prince, Rogers thought Prince "was going to rip my head off" for the mistake. Yet, after hearing the playback, Prince love the effect, i m sorry is featured ~ above the released version.more »

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Look in ~ the bargains over here, ladiesOoh, ohOoh, hoo, five yeahOoh, hooIf ns was her girlfriend, would certainly you remember come tell me every the points you forgot when I was her man? Hey hey, when I to be your male If ns was your best friend, would certainly you let me Take care of you and do every the things that only a finest friend can? Oh, only best friends can If i was her girlfriend Ooh, hoo, ho oohIf i was your girlfriend If ns was your girlfriend, would you let me dress you ns mean, help you pick out her clothes before we go out? not that you"re helpless but sometime, at some time those room the things that bein" in love"s about If ns was your one and also only friend would certainly you run to me if someone hurt you even if that someone was me, yeah sometimes I pilgrimage on how happy we can be, please If i was your girlfriend Ooh, hoo, hooIf ns was your girlfriend would certainly you allow me wash your hair? could I do you breakfast sometime? well then, could we just hang out ns mean, could we go to a movie and cry together? "Cause to me baby, that would certainly be for this reason fine (that would certainly be therefore fine), ooh(If i was her girlfriend) Baby, deserve to I dress you ns mean, aid you pick out her clothes before we go out? (if i was your girlfriend)Listen girl, i ain"t sayin you"re helpless yet sometime, at some time those are the things that bein" in love"s around SugarSugar, carry out you understand what I"m speak to you this evening? (If i was your girlfriend)Maybe friend think I"m gift a small self-centered but I, I claimed I desire to be every one of the things you are to me (if ns was her girlfriend)Surely, certain you have the right to see Is that really vital for me to go the end of the room Just because you want to undress? us don"t need to make children to make love and also we don"t have to make love to have an orgasm her body"s what I"m all about Can I view it? I"ll display you Why not? You have the right to do it since I"m your friend I"d perform it because that you Of course I"d undress in front of you and also when I"m naked, what shall i do? How deserve to I make you check out that it"s cool? Can"t you just trust me? If i was your girlfriend, you can Oh yeah, ns think therefore Listen, for you naked I would dance a ballet would that gain you off? phone call me what will certainly If i was her girlfriend, would certainly you call me? would you let me view you nude then? would you permit me provide you a bath? would certainly you allow me tickle you so difficult you"d laugh and laugh and would you, would certainly you allow me kiss you there You know, under there whereby it counts I"ll perform it therefore good, i swear I"ll drink every ounce and then I"ll host you tight and also hold you long and together we"ll stare right into silence and we"ll shot to imagine what the looks favor Yeah, we"ll shot to imagine what, what quiet looks favor Yeah, we"ll, we"ll try to imagine what silence looks like Yeah, we"ll try

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Prince Prince Rogers Nelson (born June 7, 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, joined States), well-known by his mononym Prince, is an US- American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and also actor. The has produced ten platinum albums and thirty top 40 singles throughout his career. He has actually written numerous hundred songs and produces and records his very own music for his very own music label. Prince has actually a vast vocal selection and is well-known for his flamboyant phase presence and also costumes. His releases have sold over 100 million copies worldwide. He has actually won seven Grammy Awards, a gold Globe, and also an Academy Award. He was inducted right into the Rock and Roll hall of fame in 2004, the very first year he was eligible. Rolling stone has ranked Prince No.

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