1. Identify the electrophilic site in each of the adhering to molecules by picking e electrophilic atom.


2. For the Bronsted acid-base reactivity shown listed below, recognize the conjugate acid-base pairs.

Then offer the curved-arrowhead notation for the reaction in the left-to-appropriate direction. (To attract the arrows, click the reactivity to gain right into the modify mode, then click on the curved arrow symbol.)


Fill in the blanks through the letters A,B,C and D, representing the species in the reactivity over.


For the complying with reactivity, show which reactant is the Lewis acid an which is the Lewis base.



Determine the dissociation constants for the following acids. Expush the answers in correct clinical notation wbelow proper.


5. Complete the equations for the adhering to equilibria and also calculate Kea wbelow the Keq expression includes IF1201. Be sure to enter Keg in correct clinical notation.



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Click on an atom to pick it; click again to depick it. A selected atom will certainly be colored green. :O: :0: -$—н + н—6—н C- Нзс- Н—о—н Нас- н D. B. tid and its conjugate base acid and also its conjugate base :o: + FeCl5 → FeCi, + H3C-c= Нас CH;COC is the Lewis acid. CH3COCI is the Lewis base. FeClz is the Lewis acid. FeCla is the Lewis base. This not a Lewis acid-base reactivity. Acid pK. Ka Number A 5.0 Which is the strongest acid? A в Number 9.10 Number - 1.0 Tools * 10? 000 B. Species pKa Species pka NH3 35 H2O 15.74 NH4 9.25 Н,о* -1.74 Number (a) ammonia (acting as a base) reacts with water (acting as an acid) Kea NH, + H,O Number (b) ammonia (acting as an acid) reacts through water (acting as a base) Ka eq NH, + H,O Which of these reactions is even more necessary (i.e., prevalent) in an aqueous solution of ammonia? reactivity (a) reactivity (b)

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