Live from Oakland, California rapper Ice Cube will certainly perform his new song called "RAIDER NATION."

The performance will take location on Monday Night Football once the San Diego Chargers go up against the Oakland also Raiders in a large ESPN prime time matchup in between department rivals of the AFC West.

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Ice Cube, a life-lengthy Raiders fan, has actually been repping for the silver and black considering that the 80"s. Al Davis has invited Ice Cube to come out and also put on the pre-game show which will have actually the fans and also players fired up and also ready for battle. 

Although the media and also significant sports netfunctions present hate in the direction of the Oakland also Raiders, tbelow are still many type of loyal celebrity fans that have been dvery own through the Raiders since day one.

It"s going to be excellent to check out the Raiders come out to that song; I"ve been looking forward to this game for some time, and via the news of Ice Cube performing, it just makes it much better.

The place will be marketed out and loud; acquire prepared, Raiders fans. Ice Cube is going to set it off in a major way. YAAAAY, YAAAAY!

Another thing that I"ve check out is that pre-game from 2pm-6:30pm the Oakland Raiders will certainly present a new fan fare occasion for eexceptionally residence game called "Raiderville."


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It will certainly be located in the southern parking lot (very same side as the RV"s) in parking lot G.

"Raiderville" will be a fifty percent pipe snow mountain, in which snowboard riders will perdevelop aerial stunts presented by Coors Light; there will also be autograph sessions with Raiders" legends.

The Raiderettes will certainly also precreate live on stage as well.

Not only that, the Oakland also Raiders will certainly present for the initially time ever before their very own drum line marching band also, in which they will certainly be going via the parking lot making lots of noise.

It have to be an excellent time out in the southern parking lot; they will certainly additionally have actually nine foot LED HD TV displays through all the games from approximately the NFL playing.

In the north parking lot, there will certainly be the side of the Babsence Hole tailgate party. These are always fun and also crazy.

Either side you are on, you have to be able to gain into some fun action, and if you are at an early stage sufficient you could be able to check out both parking lots.

Be certain to have actually your beer in hand also, and purp in the air.

And do not foracquire your ticket at home!

Go Raiders, check out you guys out tbelow.

Here is a video of Ice Cube talking around his performance for Monday Night Footsphere, San Diego vs. Oakland also.

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What do you guys think around that?

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