You're top a task at work. You called a conference of several of the people affiliated on the project. You start the meeting by saying this.

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I simply wanted come make sure we're every on the exact same page.

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I wanted to (do something)

A really polite method to define why you"re doing something is "I wanted to ___". Because that example:

Hi Jen. I want to watch if you"d like to come out with Emma and also I and also some friend of ours to a show next week.

Yes, I simply wanted to verify that my payment has been received?

Some unit volume that deserve to be offered after "wanted" include:

I want toask...

I want totell you...

I want tocheckto watch if...

I wanted to remind you that...

I want to let you know that...

I want to find out whether...

Note the this is in past tense: you to speak "I want to ___" rather of "I want to ___". There"s no grammatical reason for do it previous tense; it just makes her sentence sound more polite. Once you speak it this way, it sounds choose an explanation because that why you"re calling, why you"re visiting, etc.

make sure (clause)

To "make sure" means to check something again, so the you recognize that it"s OK. When you want something come happen and also it"s important, you inspect to "make sure" the it happens. Because that example, before your residence guests leave, you have the right to tell them:

Make sure you"ve acquired everything.

Or as soon as someone is grilling some meat:

Make sure they"re cooked every the way through.

A much more formal version of this expression is "make sure that (clause)":

Make sure that the pork chops room cooked every the means through.

In a corporate office job, people are an extremely careful no to make any type of mistakes, for this reason they often talk around "making sure" of things.

(some people) room on the very same page

If a group of civilization are "on the very same page", it means that lock all have actually the very same idea about what"s walking on. Because that example, if a team of civilization are working on a job together and also they all understand who is in charge of each part of it, climate they room "on the very same page". If some human being think that Mr. A is in fee of something, and also other civilization think the Mr. B is taking care of it, climate they"re not "on the exact same page".

Here room some an ext examples of just how "on the very same page" is used:

Just come make certain we"re top top the exact same page, you understand that this place is unpaid, right?

I think we must all get together and talk, just to make certain we"re top top the very same page.

Yes, i agree. We"re absolutely on the same web page on that.

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Here"s a good way come remember this phrase: imagine a classroom full of students mentioning something in a textbook. If every the students room on the same web page in the textbook, they deserve to talk about it productively. But if several of the students room looking at a various page in the book, they"ll be confused.