About i Wanna Be her Lover

"I Wanna Be her Lover" is a tune by American record artist Prince. It to be released on respectable 24, 1979 together the lead solitary from his 2nd album, Prince. The track was Prince"s very first major hit single in the joined States, getting to number 11 top top the Billboard warm 100 ~ above January 26, 1980, holding the number 11 position for 2 weeks, and also peaking in ~ number one ~ above the Billboard warm Soul Singles graph for two weeks.

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I ain"t obtained no moneyI ain"t prefer those other men you cave aroundIt"s kinda funnyBut they always seem come let friend downAnd I get discouraged"Cause I never ever see friend anymoreAnd I need your love, babe, wellThat"s all I"m living for, yeahI didn"t want to pressure you, babyBut every I ever wanted to doI wanna be your loverI wanna be the just one that makes you come runningI wanna be her loverI wanna rotate you on, turn you outAll night long, do you shoutOh, lover, yeahI wanna be the just one friend come forI wanna be her brotherI wanna be your mother and also your sister, tooThere ain"t no otherThat can do the points that I"ll carry out to youAnd I get discouraged"Cause you treat me just like a childAnd they speak I"m therefore shy, yeahBut with you I simply go wild, ooo ooo oooI didn"t want to pressure you, baby, ohBut all I ever wanted come doI wanna be your loverI wanna it is in the only one that renders you come, runningI wanna be her loverI wanna revolve you on, turn you outAll night long make friend shoutOh, lover, yeahI wanna be the only one girlfriend come for, yeah

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Prince Prince Rogers Nelson (born June 7, 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, united States), known by his mononym Prince, is an US- American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actor. The has produced ten platinum albums and also thirty peak 40 singles during his career. He has written number of hundred songs and also produces and also records his very own music because that his very own music label. Prince has a vast vocal selection and is well-known for his flamboyant phase presence and costumes. His releases have sold over 100 million duplicates worldwide. He has actually won seven Grammy Awards, a gold Globe, and also an Academy Award. He was inducted right into the Rock and Roll room of reputation in 2004, the very first year he was eligible. Rolling rock has ranked Prince No.

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