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I got 99 problems and also they all bitchesWish ns was Jigga man, carefree livin'But I'm not Shawn or young name LouisI'm that Cleveland nigga rollin' through them Brooklyn boysYou knowin' how it be when you start living largeI regulate my own life, Charles was never ever in chargeNo sitcom could teach Scott around the dramOr even describe the troubles the haunted my momOn Christmas time, my mommy Christmas grindGot me many of what ns wanted, how'd you perform it, Mom, huh?She copped the playthings I would play with in mine room by myself"Why he by himself?"He got two enlarge brothers; one hood, one goodAn independent larger sister preserved me fly as soon as she couldBut they every didn't seeThe little bit of sadness in meScottyI've got some issues that nobody deserve to seeAnd every one of these emotions are pouring out that meI bring them come the light because that you, it's only rightThis is the soundtrack to mine life, the soundtrack to mine lifeI'm super paranoid, like a sixth senseSince my father died, i ain't been ideal sinceAnd i tried to piece the puzzle that the universeSplit one eighth that shrooms simply so I can see the universeI shot and think about myself together a sacrificeJust to present the youngsters they ain't the just ones that up at nightThe moon will certainly illuminate my roomAnd soon I'm spend by my doomOnce upon a time, nobody gave a fuckIt's every said and also done and also my cock's to be suckedSo currently I'm in the cut, alcohol in the woundMy heart's an open up sore that i hope heals soonI live in a cocoon the opposite of CancúnWhere the is never ever sunny, the dark side of the moonSo it's an ext than right, I shot and shed some irradiate on a manNot many world of this planet understand, fam
I've obtained some concerns that nobody can seeAnd every one of these emotions are pouring out of meI carry 'em to the light because that you, it's only rightThis is the soundtrack to mine life, the soundtrack to my lifeI'm this close come go and also trying part cokeAnd a happy finishing would it is in slittin' my throatIgnorance to cope, man, ignorance is blissIgnorance is love and I require that shitIf I never did shows then I'd prolly it is in a mythIf i cared about the blogs climate I'd prolly be a jackassDon't offer a shit what world talkin' 'bout, famHaters shake my hand yet I save the sanitizer on deckHope ns really obtain to see 30Wanna clear up down, prevent being for this reason flirtyMost of the clean encounters be the most dirtyI just need a thoroughbred, chef when I'm hungryAss all chunky, brain is insanityOnly things that calm me down; pussy, and also some Cali treeAnd I get both, never ever truly satisfiedI to be happy, that's just the saddest lieI've gained some issues that nobody can seeAnd all of these emotions are pouring out of meI bring 'em to the light for you, it's just rightThis is the soundtrack to mine life, the soundtrack to my life

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To mine life, to mine life, to my life...UhYeah, uh-huhYeah, uh-huhYeah, uh-huhYeah, uh-huhYeahYeahYeah