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Louis Rodriguez indigenous Lancaster, Cashe always reminded me that paula abdulDave native Cardiff, WalesLisa Lisa and also Cult Jam"s only large UK hit was 1985"s astonishingly-titled "I Wonder - If i Take you Home...", although they were a popular live act in the UK in the late 80sJason indigenous Boulder, CoFull Force additionally produced the hugely underrated rap team UTFO, whose best hit was "Roxanne, Roxanne", a solitary which spawned literally about a hundreds answer records.see much more comments
talk To Ya LaterThe pipe

"Talk come Ya Later" proved the power of MTV when sales of pipe albums picked up in industries like Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the network was available.

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someone That I provided To KnowGotye

45% that the royalties for "Somebody the I provided To Know" go to the heritage of the Brazilian classic guitarist Luiz Bonfá, whose track "Seville" Gotye sampled.

VeronicaElvis Costello

"Veronica" was motivated by Elvis Costello"s grandmother, who endured from Alzheimer"s disease.

You are Not AloneMichael Jackson

Michael Jackson"s 1995 tune "You room Not Alone" to be the first single in US background to go into the Billboard warm 100 chart at #1

The Sound of SilenceSimon & Garfunkel

The an initial release that "The Sound that Silence" was acoustic, and also went nowhere. It ended up being Simon & Garfunkel"s first hit as soon as a producer at their label overdubbed that with electric instruments.


An Allen Ginsberg heat from his poem Howl inspired "Machinehead" by Bush: "Machine says I witnessed the best minds of mine generation."

Concert DisastersFact or Fiction

Ozzy biting a dove? Alice Cooper causing mayhem through a chicken? Creed so negative they to be sued? see if you deserve to spot the real concert mishaps.

Gavin Rossdale the BushSongwriter Interviews

On the "schizoid element" of his lyrics, and a well known line native "Everything Zen."

Jon Anderson of YesSongwriter Interviews

From the lake in "Roundabout" to Sister Bluebird in "Starship Trooper," Jon Anderson talks about how nature and spirituality play right into his lyrics for Yes.

john ParrSongwriter Interviews

John tells the "St. Elmo"s Fire (Man In Motion)" story and also explains why that disappeared because that so long.

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Charlie Benante that AnthraxSongwriter Interviews

The drummer for Anthrax is likewise a an essential songwriter. He describes how the team puts their songs together and also tells the stories behind few of their classics.

tiny RichardFact or Fiction

Was lengthy Tall Sally a cross-dresser? Did that really set his piano on fire? view if you understand the real stories about one that rock"s biggest innovators.