The fur Coat

Ricky returns residence with a $3,500 mink coat the he has rented because that an act in ~ the club. Lucy automatically jumps to the conclusion that it"s her anniversary present. Lucy is for this reason delighted through her "present" the she eats, sleeps, and also even go the key wearing the mink. Ricky decides to acquire the coat earlier by having actually Fred dress up as a theif and also "steal" it, but before he does, a actual burglar nearly makes off v the coat! when Lucy learns native Ethel that his plan, she decides come teach she hubby a lesson. To buy a cheap imitation mink, she decides come "restyle" the (with a pair the scissors)in complete view of Ricky. Episode discovered on:

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i Love Lucy / S01E09 : The hair Coat Season 1, episode 9 | Aired on December 10, 1951 | 30 min. | Syndication

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