The Patriots and Falcons will challenge off in the biggest video game of the season, and also here’s just how you have the right to watch that online.

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Thirty NFL groups have currently called the a season and are going back to the drawing board. Just two remain, set to face off in the biggest game of the year: Super key LI.

The Atlanta Falcons, on the earlier of an MVP-caliber season indigenous quarterback Matt Ryan, room fighting for their franchise’s first-ever Lombardi Trophy. They’re acquisition on Tom Brady and the brand-new England Patriots, who space no strangers to playing in, and also winning, supervisor Bowls.

Super bowl LI is collection for 6:30 p.m. ET in ~ NRG stadion in Houston. The video game will be broadcast by FOX, through a live stream obtainable online for cost-free via Fox sports GO. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will contact the activity in the transfer booth.

The game attributes two very stellar offenses. Atlanta has been on the cusp of being a challenger for numerous seasons now. Ryan has actually been a stable quarterback, especially because the team acquired broad receiver Julio Jones. Yet the defense has constantly lagged behind, and the Falcons have actually been inconsistent in the playoffs.

This year, though, Ryan has actually put up the best performance of his career. Many importantly, he’s completed over 70 percent that his passes and also has thrown seven touchdowns in two playoff games. On optimal of that, he there is no thrown a single interception this postseason.

Brady, a three-time Super bowl MVP, has actually been good, yet he’s had actually some concerns in the postseason. Not huge issues, mind you, yet he’s looked beatable. Brady has actually completed 62.5 percent of his passes for 671 yards with 5 touchdowns and also two interceptions in two games this postseason.

However during the continuous season, he was phenomenal. He perfect 67.4 percent that his passes for 3,554 yards, 28 touchdowns, and just 2 interceptions. That was in just 12 continual season games, as result of his four-game DeflateGate suspension to begin the season.

In the regular season, the Falcons ranked 2nd in the organization in total yardage, trailing just the brand-new Orleans Saints. The Patriots weren’t too far behind, ranking fourth. The Falcons were atop the league in scoring offense, v 33.8 points every game, ahead of the Patriots, who averaged 27.6 points every game.

Defensively is whereby things get interesting. The Falcons defense is plainly much improved over years past, and also they have a happen rush that’s actually gaining to the contrary quarterbacks. But they ranked 25th in the organization in yards allowed, if the Patriots location eighth.

Atlanta fares also worse when it concerns points allowed, ranking 27th in the organization with 25.4 point permitted per game. The Patriots, ~ above the various other hand, ranked in ~ the top of the league in point out allowed, v opposing offenses scoring just 15.6 points every game.

However, the Falcons have looked fearsome ~ above defense in the playoffs, offering up an mean of 20.5 points per video game — most of which came after they had actually the gamings in hand.

Keeping up through Brady will certainly be a tall job for anybody, even someone choose Ryan, who has Jones to throw to. V the stingy Patriots defense, it will be even tougher. However the Falcons have actually never looked as an excellent as they have actually in the past couple of weeks, and also many feel the time is right for the company to victory its first-ever Lombardi Trophy.

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But they’ll have actually to gain past a Patriots team the is quite an excellent at winning super Bowls, and is much more than provided to the pressure of the large game. Below is every you require to understand to watch the game.