Heya Folks,We’re excited to lastly be able share the replay device we’ve been working on for Fortnite battle Royale v you!You deserve to now conserve your matches and also watch lock again from any type of angle, and also share those exaggeration plays v the entire squad. Change all species of cameras and settings to record awesome cinematic moment on the battlefield. Friend can likewise use the replay system to analyze the match, discover where you can improve, develop strategies and also take that Victory! Level those skills up!We actually use this same device internally to shoot all of the Weapon, Outfit, and limited Time setting trailers we release. And also we’re psyched to lastly get these tools into your hands!

Fortnite Replay mechanism Features:

Camera Modes

Third PersonFollows and also orbits roughly the selected player.3 different follow modes: Off, Auto, Lazy.Drone FollowDrone layout camera that always keeps the selected player in frame.Drone AttachDrone layout camera that is loosely attached come the selected player.Drone FreeDrone format camera that is cost-free to fly about the island.GameplayThis camera mirrors what the selected player saw during gameplay.

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Cinematic Settings

Auto ExposureExposureApertureFocal LengthAuto FocusFocus Distance


Name PlatesPlayer OutlinesReplay RegionDamage Effects

Fortnite Replay FAQs

Which platforms space Fortnite Replays obtainable on?

Right now replays are easily accessible on PC, PS4, and also XB1.

Where deserve to I find my Fortnite Replays?

Replays can be found under the career tab in the lobby.

Where deserve to I find the Fortnite Replay controls?

Camera Controls are shown on the bottom the the screen when you move cameras. Lock toggle off with the UI visibility toggle.

Are there any kind of PC certain Fortnite Replay controls?

On pc you can can store camera shortcuts to conveniently cut between cameras and jump to points in your replay. There space two ways to keep a camera cut. You have the right to store simply the camera nature or the camera properties and also the existing time top top the timeline.Ctrl+Numpad# - Stores present camera type/position, and selected playerCtrl+Alt+Numpad# - Stores current camera type/position, selected player and also position ~ above the timelineNumpad# - Recalls save camera type/position (and time if stored)

How does the Fortnite Replay mechanism work?

The replay system works by recording every one of the network traffic going the end to and coming in native the server throughout the match. Basically once you clock a replay that recorded network stream is being played ago so friend see specifically what friend saw as soon as you play the game.When friend play a match you are just able come see and interact with players and also objects in ~ a certain distance from you at any given time. Just the players and also objects in area are recorded right into the replay file. We speak to this area the “Replay Region”.While watching a replay you may see players exit and also enter the Replay Region. This players are situated on the leaf of the area the is recorded in the replay file. You deserve to see the Replay region in the map view once watching a replay. Friend can also toggle the Replay region visualization in the replay settings menu.

How are my Fortnitereplays stored?

Replays room stored locally on your console or PC.On console your last 10 matches are stored automatically* as you play, and on pc your last 100 are stored. These space stored as unsaved replays and also will it is in overwritten together you play much more games. If you desire to store a replay you can select it in the replay browser and also rename it. ~ above console you have the right to save a complete of 10 replays. On pc this number is unlimited. A replay file that lasts the entire complement is around 10MB in size.

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*Replays will only playback in the variation of Fortnite that they were videotaped in. Whenever over there is a brand-new update to Fortnite her old replay documents will no much longer be valid.

What’s following for Fortnite Replay?

Like Fortnite in basic we will certainly constantly be enhancing the replay device including new camera modes, brand-new visualizations, overlays, and also more!