EA Sports’ Madden games have become an offseason institution and one that the best ways because that football fans to happen the long last couple of weeks till the continual season starts.

That is no various this year, together Madden NFL 17 hit stores on Tuesday with a number of upgrades, new features and also gameplay alters that will certainly thrill novices and also experts alike. Seeing as exactly how the Madden franchise is entrenched in popular culture as the marquee football game on the market, EA sporting activities didn’t have to reinvent the wheel through the recent edition that features new England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski on the cover. 

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Rather, the made a variety of subtle alterations that enhance the as whole product and experience v the game. Right here is a look at a few of them, and also some basic impressions of Madden 17.

Trailer and simple Changes


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EA sporting activities released a trailer ~ above its YouTube channel that highlighted few of the brand-new graphics and also gameplay:

As is the instance every year, there are some simple upgrades such together roster alters and new stadiums. Previous running back Maurice Jones-Drew emphasize those features, such together the finest players in the organization who space ranked 99 overall and also the brand-new stadiums in Minnesota and Los Angeles, per NFL Now:

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The Checkdown

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