The NBA 2K22 release date is just hrs away and also that way Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo move owners should start prepping because that the download.

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2K’s recent entry in the NBA 2K series, NBA 2K22, access time last-generation and current-generation consoles ~ above September 10th. It likewise hits Windows pc the same day.

With anticipation mounting, console and also PC owners are beginning to arrangement for the game’s arrival. With that in mind, we want to take you through everything you must know around the NBA 2K22 download.

From the pre-load come the potential download time for your console, our overview will aid you prepare for the game’s release later on this week.

NBA 2K22 Preload

There room some good reasons to think around pre-ordering NBA 2K22. You’ll net yourself some nice bonuses and if you buy a digital copy, you can download the game prior to the release date. This will permit you come play right once the game unlocks on Friday.

While you have the right to download the complete game document on her console, friend won’t have the ability to start playing until the game unlocks on September 10th.

NBA 2K22 will unlock at Midnight eastern on Friday and that means those of friend in west time zones will have the ability to start play it top top September 9th.

How long Will NBA 2K22 take to Download?

According to Microsoft and Sony, the approximate size of NBA 2K22 will certainly vary based on console. Because that instance, the PS5 NBA 2K22 download is fine over 100GB which means it’s going to take quite a little of time to complete.

NBA 2K22 because that Nintendo Switch will be much smaller. Nintendo list it as being 45.2GB in size.

If you’re running out of an are on your inner storage, currently would be a an excellent time to comb v your data and delete files and games friend no much longer need.

If you’re running the end of room and friend don’t want to delete files, you need to think around investing in an outside hard drive for her console. Samsung’s T5 Portable SSD is still among our favorites and also the WD my Passport 2TB is a solid budget option.

If you’re planning to download a digital copy the the game, you could have to wait awhile.

Mileage will vary based on connection speed, however a 100+GB download can take end an hour for few of you. Because that others, it can take many hours, particularly if you’re trying come download the game during peak hours.

If you’re curious exactly how long the NBA 2K22 download can take, you deserve to use this handy device to gain a review on exactly how long the download could take to complete up. It might not it is in exact, yet it will aid you setup ahead and set realistic expectations.

You can want to operation a wired cable to your console for the duration of the download. This will assist keep the download speed fast and also stable.

If you’re exhausted of taking care of slow download speeds, you might want come upgrade her router. If you’re interested, take it a look in ~ the TP-Link Archer AC4000 or Netgear’s Nighthawk AX4 RAX40.

How to Download NBA 2K22 on Xbox

There are a pair of methods to start the installation process on one Xbox.


The first way is to turn on her Xbox, head to the Store, and also search for “NBA 2K22.” You have to then watch the game’s miscellaneous editions.

If girlfriend haven’t pre-ordered, you’ll want to choose NBA 2K22 execution you want to buy and purchase the game to begin the download process.

If friend won’t it is in home, you deserve to still download the game and have it prepared to go once you return. Here’s exactly how to carry out that.

First, make sure your Xbox has an net connection. You’ll additionally need to enable the always Connected power choice in her Xbox settings. Constantly Connected means your Xbox goes come sleep rather of turning off.

After you’ve done that, follow these instructions:

Click ~ above the Sign In link in the top-right corner. Because that this to work-related you have to use the very same Microsoft Account that’s associated to your Xbox Live gamertag and Xbox.Type NBA 2K22 into the find box in the top-right corner of her screen.Click the blue “Pre-Order” or “Get” button.

You can likewise use Microsoft’s Xbox application on her phone or tablet to begin the download process. Tap top top the Magnifying Glass in the toolbar, find for “NBA 2K22,” select your version of the game, and tap the eco-friendly “Download come Console” button.

If because that some factor your console no download new games and also game updates as soon as it’s sleeping, you’ll must manually download NBA 2K22 whenever you get back home.

How come Download NBA 2K22 top top PlayStation

If you’ll be play NBA 2K22 on a PlayStation, here’s how you’ll download it.


If you’re in ~ home, turn on your PlayStation and head into the Store. The easiest way to uncover the game is via a find for “NBA 2K22.”

If girlfriend won’t it is in home, you’ll require to discover a machine with net connectivity and also visit the PlayStation save in a browser. Her PlayStation will additionally need to have actually Automatic download enabled.

Here’s what you have to do in order come download NBA 2K22 remotely:

Click Sign In in the top-right corner of the screen. Because that this to work, this account needs to match the account you usage on your PlayStation.Use the find box come look for NBA 2K22.Click top top Add come Cart and also complete the checkout process.

You can also use Sony’s PS app on your phone or tablet computer to begin the download process. Tap ~ above the Store icon in the toolbar, find NBA 2K22, choose your version of the game, and tap the “Pre-Order” button.

Once you’re in ~ home, you’ll want to look for NBA 2K22 in your collection of games. If because that some factor it’s not there, you’ll should manually begin the download and wait because that it to finish.

How to Download NBA 2K2 top top Nintendo Switch

If you’ll be playing the game on a Nintendo Switch, here’s what you’ll need to do.

If you’re close to your Switch, head right into the Nintendo eShop, find for “NBA 2K22,” uncover the game, and initiate the download.

If friend aren’t near your Switch, you deserve to snag the game from her phone or laptop. Here’s just how to do that:

In the find bar at the really top of the page, type in NBA 2K22.Once you’re ~ above the video game page, uncover the red box that states “Pre-order” and also select it.When prompted, get in the account information linked with your Switch.

Once you do that, the download should start automatically.

If you setup to invest a the majority of time right into NBA 2K22"s various game modes, you could want come pre-order a copy of the game due to the fact that you"ll get some bonuses through your order.

If girlfriend pre-order a copy of NBA 2K22 you acquire some bonus items that could prove useful during your play-through.

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The NBA 2K22 pre-order bonuses include: 5,000 Virtual currency 5,000 MyTEAM clues 10 MyTEAM Promo packs (delivered one a week) A rise for each MyCAREER Skill kind A an increase for every Gatorade Boost kind Luka Doncic MyPLAYER Jersey 95 Rated Luka Doncic MyTEAM cost-free Agent CardAll the those all come cost-free with a pre-order and also they"ll provide you a pretty great head begin if you setup on play NBA 2K22"s various game modes.