Custom hats obtained an overhaul through Duck video game 1.5, make them simpler to create, and adding custom rocks alongside capes. Here"s how you do em.

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Custom Hats, Capes, & Rocks in Duck video game 1.5

No MSpaint

To make hats, unfortunately, you room not maybe to use the solitary greatest arts program ever before made (MSpaint) since it doesn"t assistance transparency. Anything the does, i.e; Photoshop, GIMP, Paint(dot)net (not a website, thats simply what the regime is called), and whatever rather you can have the supports transparency (and layering, ns hope) is fine.

Basic Hatmaking

A basic hat, v no sophisticated stuff favor capes or rocks, is pretty basic to make. You deserve to either make your own 64x32px image and just walk from there, or use this handy recommendation I stole borrowed from the old guide to custom hats by Axollyon This template provides it considerably easier to align your hat with where you want it to be in game.The image is break-up in to two halves, each half is 32x32, and also that"s the quantity of an are you need to work with for her hat. This need to be quite obvious, but the left side is for as soon as you aren"t quacking, and also the ideal side is for as soon as you are. So usage whatever artistic talent you might or may not have, and go nuts, however make sure even if her hat is gonna look at the exact same regardless of whether you"re quacking or not, the you make certain the hat is on both sides. Otherwise, as soon as you quack, her hat will simply vanish from existence.Once you"ve made your masterpiece, remove the theme (if used) native the picture by deleting the layer its on, or if girlfriend didn"t layer it, deleting that manually (you monster) and save it together a .png file. From there, every you have to do is offer it a name, toss that in the catalog for Duck video game (steam/steamapps/common/Duck Game) and also you"re all set to go! your hat will be available in the choice menu, and also all will have the ability to bask in that glory!

Advanced Fashion

But what if you don"t want simply a hat? Mayhaps you sophisticated a cape, or also just a practice rock come hurl down the field? fine that"s whereby the progressed template come in.Same as before, v opening it increase in your program of choice, utilizing your an imaginative muscles to come up v your fantastic idea, and also then removed the template and saving it as a .png before tossing it in the video game folder, however now there"s extras.If you desire to do simply a hat and also cape, but leave the rock as a rock favor John Mallard intended, just crop out the bottom 24px that the advanced template. Likewise, if you want a hat and a rock, yet no cape, just crop out the cape square ~ above the template.Some rapid pointers on the advanced template.The coloured boundaries show the total area, an interpretation things drawn over peak of them will still show up in the final product.The absent in the rock section is just there for recommendation if you desire your practice rock to heat up choose it does in game. The OG rock will certainly not show up in game beneath your practice rock, so if you desire to just attract a head or a confront or other on the rock, you gotta copy the totality rock sprite right into your custom one.Seriously, make certain to eliminate the template prior to you save the image, otherwise you"re gonna have coloured borders approximately all her stuff. Then anyone will understand you followed this guide, and failed.

You"re Winner!

If friend did the thing, climate you must now have actually a functioning practice hat. Now acquire out there, and also flex your tradition hat superiority on every the common hatted commoners.

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Written by Articunno.
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