How to do a message cut/“read more” top top

update tutorial:

Create a constant text post.

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You deserve to even get in an already existing one and also edit it.


Then type/put in whatever you wanted to short article here. Ok? OK! (Ignore the recurring words in mine screencap. FML.)


Once you’re done, select what you desire to hide under a cut. Click right before the very first letter of that part to have actually the “blinking text cursor” placed there.


Then click top top the second button from the right, next to the “html” button.




A dotted line and also “READ MORE” will appear right above the line whereby your text cursor was.


Everything that this write-up after the “read more” line will certainly be placed under a cut. On their dashboard, your followers will only to have actually to click on the link of your short article to go to your entire entry. visitors who go straight on will also need to carry out the same thing yet the advantage of this is that it won’t clutter your or your followers’ dashboards.

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Click “create post” (or “save changes” if you’re editing and enhancing an present post). This is what it’ll look choose on the dashboard once you’re done:


If because that some reason you’re lacking the “read more” option/button - you most likely have the dorn box confirm in her preferences:

Click ~ above “account” in ~ the optimal of her dash and also go come “preferences” then check what you have at “edit posts using”. The alternative chosen need to be “rich message editor”. Don’t forget come save preferencesonce done.

That have to fix it.

And assumption: v what?! YOU’RE DONE!


Feel complimentary to reblog with appropriate credits…

Take out/erase any type of texts, tags/watermarks and/or credits and also YOU. SHALL. DIE. ಠ_ಠ

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