There are some games, which are buyable on steam (in my instance Assasin\"s Creed Revelations), yet require a uplay account. How can you find out which uplay account is attached inside Steam?

It seems that the CD key is currently taken and so ns guess it\"s an additional uplay on i m sorry I triggered the game (I used to play it) in spite of not psychic of having ever created an additional uplay account.

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So is there any kind of opportunity to perform so or will it more than likely an worry for the ubisoft service?


No over there is no method to uncover out which Uplay account is attached to i m sorry game.

If you have multiple account of Uplay then you need to be careful around which account is signed in. Steam plainly gives you secrets which you have to activate top top Uplay client.

As for your case, you should remember the email ID of the Uplay account otherwise, i am afraid even Uplay Customer support won\"t it is in able to help you.


I recently had actually the very same problem and I contacted their phone because that United states (you can find their phone by browsing it increase on google) and also I sent in a ticket and also told castle what happened.

They claimed that if I give him the CD vital they could track the down and also then castle asked me part questions about the email and then they told me the email name.



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