In the build up to Destiny 2’s brand-new Season of Dawn, Bungie revealed that the season would have a rigid revolving approximately the legendary Titan Saint-14. Throughout the new season, you’ll fulfill Saint-14 and obtain his shotgun, Perfect Paradox. However, these story beats are a bit concealed at first, requiring you to obtain through a series connected pursuit lines rather than proper story missions. If you’re in search of Season the Dawn’s “campaign,” here’s everything you require to recognize to acquire Perfect Paradox and also meet Saint-14.

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Step 1: complete A matter of Time

To start, you’ll require to complete the A matter of Time quest, i m sorry you obtain from Ikora Rey once booting increase the game. Girlfriend can check out our overview for A matter of Time, which explains how to unlock The Sundial activity on Mercury.

Once you end up your an initial Sundial run, speak to Osiris to finish the quest. Now, earlier out and speak come him again. He’ll have three new missions because that you to pick up, consisting of one that allows you activate the Mars obelisk. To monitor the story, choose up the Recovering The past quest. You might experience a slight pest here where you’ll choose up among the three quest and the various other two no longer appear. If the happens, just departure the conversation v Osiris and also speak come him again.


Step 2: Recovering The Past

There room two procedures to this quest. First, you’ll require to gain 100 shotgun kills and also 25 kills with melees. The search specifies melee “abilities,” but it appears that constant melees count towards this. Go about your usual PVE routines and take out opponents with shotguns and punches to finish this.

After that, you’ll require to finish The Pyramidion strike and collect collect five weapon enhancers. These items deserve to be obtained by completing strikes, Crucible matches, or Gambit matches. You’ll gain one for completing The Pyramidion, so friend may as well run that first to kill 2 birds with one stone. Operation your activity of selection a few times after that until you have enough weapon enhancers.

Once you carry out that, speak come Osiris and also he’ll provide you 2 things: Saint-14’s Perfect Paradox, and also a Perfect Paradox of your own. Stow Saint-14’s away, as you’ll be carrying it come him in the next quest. 


Step 3: An difficult Task

Once you get Perfect Paradox, speak to Osiris again and he’ll have another quest because that you, An impossible Task. To start, you’ll should gather Vex components on Mercury, Io, and also Nessus. To perform this, you’ll must travel to each planet and also head come the 5 X’s the pop increase on every map. As soon as you walk to every location, you’ll watch a floating Vex cube. Shoot those and you’ll collection the part. 

A couple of of these have the right to be tricky come find. While numerous of these simply require some eagle-eyed observations, part will need a little an ext spatial awareness. For example, you’ll have to head into the circle of Bones shed sector to discover one the Io’s Vex parts. Meanwhile on Mercury, you’ll have to snipe the rightmost part down from throughout a chasm. Otherwise, monitor the X’s and you’ll usually find the crate tucked right into ledges or floating above you.

Once that’s done, you’ll have to kill a the majority of Vex. The pursuit says the you’ll need to collect 25 Vex Cores by defeating complicated Vex (Vex v yellow bars) and also collect 50 Radiolarian Fluids by killing any type of Vex through precision shots. Obviously, friend can double up below by killing difficult Vex with precision kills when possible. Hang the end at Vex-dense locations like Mercury or Watcher’s grave on Nessus and also pick far at Vex until this is complete.

Speak to Osiris again and he’ll offer you a ideal story mission, Corridors the Time component 1. To begin this, interact with the Sundial terminal alongside Osiris. At the begin of the mission, you’ll save entering ring rooms filled v Vex. You don’t must kill anything here; just look because that an open, glowing door every time friend enter and also head right into it come progress. Once you’re through that, you’ll need to wipe out some enemies to open up a big, glowing door that leader to Saint-14.

The encounter ends with a big boss fight in between you and also two upstream enemies, a Servitor and also a Tank. The Servitor shields the tank indigenous damage, so focus your fire on the first. When the Tank’s shield is down, damage it like any type of other tank. There are loads of adversaries that spawn here, yet fortunately the room is not a darkness zone, for this reason there’s no fear of wiping.

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Finish the fight, and interact with Saint-14 to give him his shotgun. It is the finish of his story for now, or at least until part two drops later on this season.