You develop exploded views by selecting and dragging components in thegraphics area, creating one or more explode steps.

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Do among the following options:Click ExplodedView.Click Insert > explosive View.In theConfigurationManager
,right-click a configuration name and also click new ExplodedView.Select one or more components to incorporate in the an initial explodestep.
In the PropertyManager, the components show up inExplode Step materials
. Rotation and also translationhandles show up in the graphic area.


To relocate or align the handles:

Drag the center ball.Press Alt + drag the facility ball or one arm, and also drop the onan sheet or face to align a translation manage with the sheet orface.Press Alt + traction the center ball or a circle, and drop iton a curved edge or surface to align a rotation manage with thecurved sheet or surface.Right-click the facility ball and select Align to, Align with Component Origin, or Align through Assembly Origin.In the PropertyManager, select Rotate around each componentorigin.
Drag a translate into or rotation manage to move selectedcomponents.Modify explode options:OptionDescriptionReverse Direction
Explode distance
Reverse Direction
Rotation edge
Reverses the translate into direction.
Specifies the translate into distance.
Reverses the rotation direction.
Specifies the rotation angle.
Click Done.
Create much more explode procedures as required, and also click

The explodedview feature, ExplodedView, shows up in theConfigurationManager under the configuration in i beg your pardon the explosive viewwascreated. The explodedsteps appearunder the exploded view. Each configuration can have multiple explodedviews. welcomes her feedback concerning the presentation, accuracy, and thoroughness that the documentation. Usage the kind below come send your comments and also suggestions about this topic straight to our documentation team. The documentation team cannot answer technical assistance questions. Click right here for information about technical support.

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