Fact: I hate the telephone. I have trouble talking to people when ns can’t see who I’m talk to; I’d lot rather one of two people speak face-to-face or converse in a text-base medium. (I to be a writer, after ~ all.) but I’m ready to do an exemption for… shall we say, special cases: ns am an ext than ready to call spooky, haunted, cursed, real creepy phone number that actually work.

It helps, that course, that many of these actual scary phone number don’t require that you actually speak through anyone; when you dial them, you virtually always reach a voicemail box set to play a spooky record to anyone that rings. Still, despite — I will happily set aside mine phone phobia in search of the delightful frisson one gets from a brush v the unknown. Especially about Halloween.

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Novelty hotlines are nothing new; indeed, I would certainly argue that their heyday emerged during the ‘80s and ‘90s, in ~ which time friend could speak to everyone indigenous Freddy Kruegerto the Ninja Turtles.Their popularity started to wane throughout the 2000s — however interestingly, we’ve checked out them evolve in the year since, too. Thanks to free, digital tools prefer Google Voice, pretty much anyone with internet accessibility can collection up a weird novelty number v ease. Those more, the draw the a novelty phone number could even be more powerful than ever before — possibly because we so rarely use our phones this days to actually, y’know, make calls. Distance makes the heart prosper fonder and also all.

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Sadly, a an excellent deal of previously wonderful creepy phone numbers space no much longer in company (RIP, call Carrie White) — however I deserve to attest come the truth that the numbers seen below are in functioning order. I know, due to the fact that I referred to as every single one of them myself. Ns am also, you can note, still alive and also well, so it’s… shall us say, unlikely that any kind of of this numbers is actually “cursed,” “haunted,” or otherwise dangerous to call. Lock are, however, all based in the unified States, therefore you can want to it is in wary that long-distance fees if you’re calling from what else. Call bills deserve to quickly become one of the many frightening things of all.

So, if you’re emotion brave this Halloween season — or any other time that year — try giving this numbers a ring.

Who knows? possibly you’ll obtain lucky.

Maybe among them will call you back.


Remember the SCP Foundation? This call number is a fun tiny Easter egg pegged come the fictitious organization. It’s usually a pointer line: top top calling, you’ll be greeted through a recorded article informing you the you’ve got to the southern California, division 19 branch the the foundation and questioning you to leave the date, time, location, and also description of one “incident” friend may have witnessed — an incident which you think requires the Foundation’s… unique skill set. The number is based in Banning, Calif., i beg your pardon is situated in Riverside County simply south that the san Bernardino nationwide Forest.

I don’t understand if they speak to you back, though; i didn’t leave a message. The strangest thing I’ve observed so far today has actually been my cat running approximately the home like a insane for about 20 minutes prior to engaging in a sudden and abrupt nap — i beg your pardon is perfect normal behavior for her and also therefore go not need SCP structure intervention.

Listen here.


A lot that rumors surround this number, the freakiest of which insists the it’s a so-called “red room number” — a number which can allegedly be provided to track down the physical ar of human being who either contact the number themselves or answer call they receive from it, after which they room kidnapped, carried to a “red room,” and also tortured, killed, or both. These alleged torture sessions/murders are said to be transfer live end the deep web.

I have the right to assure you, however, the 408-634-2806 is not a red room number. As far as ns know, red room number don’t even exist; they’re just an metropolitan legend — a legend which, notably, creates the premise of the the the video clip game seriesWelcome to the Game. Indeed, it’s no even entirely clear exactly how the number 408-634-2806 obtained a call for being a red room number in the an initial place; the clearest connect I’ve been able to uncover is quiet tenuous: YouTube channel MKP Studios’ videoon 408-634-2806 starts the end by likening the to supposed red room number they had previously called,but fails to actually attach the two numbers in any kind of meaningful way.

So: If 408-634-2806 is not a red room number, what the hell is it? since it’s still yes, really weird-sounding; as soon as you speak to it, girlfriend hear a recording of demonic voices, someone speak “All’s well the ends well,” and also a spooky music box. It’s acquired to be associated to something, right?

The answer is yes. It’s linked to the iOS game Superbrothers: sword & Sworcery EP, which was released by Capybara gamings in 2011.At the end of the game, you’re provided a number that turns out to it is in this phone call number.It may have actually been part of an ARG attached to the game that never ever quite took off, or it might not have been; i don’t understand that the definition of the message you hear once you contact the number has ever been “solved.”

Then again, probably it doesn’t need to be. Also, it’s precious noting that the article reportedly changed a few times. Just, y’know… FYI.

Listen here.


It’s 828-756-0109. A usual misdial because that this one goes come a real person’s call number. If you hear anythingother 보다 the message heard in the video clip here, you’ve misdialed. Don’t pest the person, and also don’t it is in rude or obscene. But, again, ideally, check come make certain you’ve gone into the number correctly before you fight the “call” button so regarding avoid the whole case in the first place.>

This number is a true mystery. I can tell you whereby it’s based (Marion, phibìc Carolina, in McDowell County around 85 mile west and slightly phibìc of Charlotte); I have the right to tell friend what girlfriend hear once you speak to it (some earsplitting noises and also a man’s voice frantically forward what sounds choose a blog post coded in binary); ns can also tell friend what the binary says as soon as it’s been converted into text (“death”); yet I can not tell friend anything else. I have no idea who made it, what that means, or what it may or might not be connected to.

It’s super weird, though.

Listen here.


If you speak to what is maybe my favorite uncover from the research process for this post, you’ll reach a clown named Wrinkles who resides in Naples, Fla. And also will, according to the Washington Post, “make an illustration at your party or gathering, prank her friend, or even scare your misbehaving kid straight” because that the low, low price the a couple of hundred bucks.Very tiny is known around the guy behind Wrinkles; he is in his 60s, retired, and originally native Rhode Island, yet that’s all he’ll say to reporters. He’s absolutely got the evil clown sector cornered, despite — and also if you speak to this creepy phone number, you’ll acquire his voicemail. Leaving him a message and also he’ll speak to you back.

Listen here.


Technically this one is a video game tie-in, but as one Metafilter use put it, “You don’t need to know anything around the game to appreciate the sheer oddity and also scope that what over there is to listen to top top this phone call number.”That game is Kentucky course Zero, a wonder realist point-and-click adventure that’s to be releasing episodes periodically due to the fact that 2013; illustration one through four are live now, through the fifth and final episode booked for relax at some point in 2018. It’s delightful — as are the assistant experiences developers Jake Elliott and Tamas Kemenczy have been releasing in between episodes.

This phone call number is one of those assistant experiences.Called Here and There follow me the Echo, the call tree you’ll reach if you dial 207-301-5797 purports to it is in “a guide to the Echo flow for drifters and also pilgrims” listed by “the bureau of mystery Tourism.” it’s weird and also surreal, yet likewise wonderfully tranquil — and also there’s lot of to check out as friend dial your method through the miscellaneous menus come which it provides you access. Pro tip: The an initial time you’re presented with some options, dial 5.

If you’re right into Welcome come Night Vale or the works of David Lynch, you’ll most likely dig both Kentucky route Zero and also Here and There along the Echo. Check ‘em out.

Listen here.


I’ll confess that i didn’t enjoy the actual gameplay of Hotline Miami that much — I’m kind of, uh, not good at top-down shooters — however the story and storytelling are both A-plus; I’m likewise a sucker for amazing marketing, and, well… this phone number and also the blog post that was put on that answering maker in development of the release of Hotline Miami 2 absolutely tick all those boxes. Bonus points because that the fact that this creepy phone number is in reality a Miami-based number.

The 786-519-3708 phone number wasn’t new for Hotline Miami 2; indeed, the Hotline Miami Twitter account has been tweeting the number since 2012,prior come the initial game’s release in October of the year. However in February of 2015,the number appeared with some brand-new context ~ above the series’ Twitter feed: This time, it contained an expansion number. What’s more, once fans dialed the number, they found that a brand-new message recorded—the post that’s still over there today. When properly analyzed, the message an unified with the expansion number (10) noted a full title and release date for the 2nd game in the series: Hotline Miami 2: not correct Number, come be exit on march 10, 2015. And that’s precisely what happened.

The voicemail article is short, but it’s quiet pretty freaky to listen to; offer it a speak to if friend like.

Listen here.


“Fishing in a hill stream is mine idea that a good time.”

“There to be water in the cellar ~ the heavy rain.”

“Smoke poured the end of every crack.”

“Those words to be the cue because that the actor to leave.”

These space the type of sentences you’ll hear if friend dial 858-651-5050. They’re spoken by two world — one through a male-sounding voice and also one through a female-sounding voice — who just sit there, intoning these poetic yet meaningless messages for as lengthy as you pick to continue to be on the line.

However, yes sir a perfectly rational explanation behind this creepy call number: it’s a phone trial and error tool. The sentences, known as Harvard sentences, were chosen for their voice balance — the is, “the frequency of sound in this lists that of natural language,” as sarah Zhang put it at Gizmodo in 2015; castle “hit every the noises a person would generally hear in a conversation.” follow to Ernie Smith composing at Motherboard, calling this number permits phone suppliers to “ensure the signal high quality is strong” — the is, it’s the “can girlfriend hear me now?” of call tests.

It’s still weird, though. It’s the lack of paper definition that provides what you hear as soon as you contact the number type of unsettling.

Listen here.


An oldie however goodie: 630-296-7536 is the original Boothworld industries phone number. To read the story that launched a thousands phone calls, head here.

Listen here.


Aaaand this is the 2nd Boothworld sectors phone number. We’ve spanned this one in depth prior to — inspect it the end here.

Listen here.


(NOTE: as of January 2021, this number no much longer works.)

Like several other creepy phone numbers on this list, this one is a video game tie-in — this time for the notorious Five Nights in ~ Freddy’s series. It’s not clear even if it is the number is canon or even if it is it’s fan-made; either way, though, the pretty unmistakably FNaf-related to those familiar with the games: The voice us hear appears to it is in a garbled version of call Guy, and about 32 seconds in, the aria “Votre toast, je peux vous le render” from the opera Carmen — colloquially recognized as the Toreador song — i beg your pardon signifies the method of the Freddy Fazbear animatronic in the video game kicks in.

It is not, as some YouTube videos featuring the phone call number have suggested, a “cursed phone call number” that will make friend behave erratically and/or kill you “within 24 hours of phone call it.”

Whether or not you know the source material, though, it’s quiet pretty spooky to listen to; offer it a ring if you desire to watch what the hubbub is all about.

Listen here.


Perhaps the only one of this list’s creepy phone numbers that’s an ext cryptic 보다 the one featuring binary password that converts to “death” is this one. If you call 978-435-0163, you will do it hear a looped message of a man sobbing. He sounds favor he’s probably in a cave or a sewer; yes sir a lot of echo and reverb, and also it sounds type of like something’s dripping somewhere in the background. Oh, and periodically, you’ll hear something screech — something that sounds decidedly no human.

It’s a Massachusetts number — as a Massachusetts native, I well-known that best off the bat — and also it transforms out the registered in Billerica, a town no too much away from where I thrived up. Yet other than that, I know nothing around this number — not that owns it, not what the larger story could be, not even exactly those going top top in it.

And that, i think, is the creepiest point of all.

Listen here.

Oh, hey — gotta run. Mine phone is ringing.

Even though I’m, uh… not actually expecting any type of calls.

It’s probably fine.



Hang tight, okay? okay be appropriate back.

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…I hope.


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