The Minneapolis/Saint Paul subway has countless attractions scattered throughout. One you will certainly not want to miss is Valleyfair Amusement Park with an excellent rides for people of all ages. Below are eight thrilling rides you definitely need to check out.

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1) power Tower

Located in ~ Valleyfair, power Tower is the tallest ride situated at the park by 75 feet over Wild Thing. This ride has actually three towers, 2 which slowly bring people up only to be dropped at speed exceeding 50MPH, or one tower which will introduced towards the optimal of the tower. Once at the top, friend will acquire some great views of the entire Shakopee & Minnesota flow Valley Region.

2) Renegade

What is an excellent about this wooden rollercoaster is how rapid you feel you are moving. What renders Renegade so distinctive is the endure of the twisting an initial drop, i beg your pardon is other you many likely have not experienced. This ride additionally includes a short to the floor high rate S-turn and high speed station fly-by. Ns would imply trying to be in the front couple of cars for this ride since you will see nothing below you when making that very first drop, and the speed of 52MPH v all the twists and turns will certainly make it even an ext spectacular.

3) steel Venom

Considered by numerous to it is in the most exhilarating ride at Valleyfair. Steel gift is a single twist impulse coaster which will reach speeds over 68MPH on more than 600 feet of track. The highest allude of the monitor is 185 feet, and also the greatest drop is 175 feet. What makes this ride so distinct is the launch points, both forward and also backward. You feel choose you room being shot out of a cannon top top the first launch, and continue to gain speed until getting to the highest speed that 68MPH with the third and 4th launch. In ~ the peak of the fourth launch is as soon as you get the greatest thrill together you do a dead-stop at the peak of the track, dangling in the air before being dropped ago down because that the 5th launch. Steel gift is a terrific, unique ride you need to inspect out as soon as coming to Valleyfair.

4) Wild Thing

The tallest and also fastest ride at Valleyfair, Wild thing is certain to impress. The top suggest of the coaster stands at 207 feet and also includes a very first drop of 200 feet. The first drop is a 60-degree angle and also you will certainly reach speed of approximately 74MPH. Wild thing is 5,460 feet long and also includes 4 drops of an ext than 100 feet (207’, 103’, 130’, 103’). In addition, Wild thing has the longest low-gravity ar of coaster in the world!

5) Xtreme Swing

When girlfriend think thrill rides you commonly think coasters. V that said, Valleyfair has actually some wonderful thrill rides outside of the coaster rides. One together ride is the Xtreme Swing, through the surname saying it all. The framework of this ride is 100 feet high, but the rider will certainly reach heights of 125 feet over the midway. This ride has actually two gigantic swing arms and will reach speeds the 60 miles per hour together you totter back-and-forth.

6) Corkscrew

The 2nd coaster that concerned Valleyfair, ~ High Roller, the Corckscrew has actually been entertaining guests since 1980. This coaster consists of 1,950 feet that tubular track the loops and twists throughout. Riders deserve to spin and turn throughout, reaching speeds that 50MPH.

7) north Star

North Star is a 230-foot tower that will spin riders at speeds of approximately 40 miles every hour over 20 stories over the ground. This drive will provide you wonderful 360 degree views that the Minnesota river Valley together it is taller 보다 Wild Thing.

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8) Delirious

Delirious is 70-foot looping thrill ride the coils riders upside-down on a 7 story, 360-degree freestanding framework with a high-speed train. World who journey will start to gain momentum and races roughly the within of this 7-story track.

These 6 rides aren’t the only way you can obtain your excitement during your day in ~ Valleyfair. V over 75 rides and attractions over there is for this reason much more to do. Other amazing thrill rides encompass Enterprise, Excalibur, High Roller, north Lights, RipCord and RipTide. Add in world Snoopy because that the younger thrill seeker, The brand-new Flying Eagles, live entertainment, and Soak City Waterpark, and also you have a complete slate for your day in ~ the Upper-Midwest’s biggest amusement park!

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