But that is Ozuna? If girlfriend aren"t familiar with the rising star, here"s everything you need to know around the singer behind hits like "Taki Taki," "Te Soñé de Nuevo," "El Farsante," and more.

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Earlier this year, Puerto Rican artist Ozuna was called one that Time 100"s many Influential civilization in the world. But fans the the singer recognize his affect goes earlier long before he was in the pages the Time. Because the singer first hit the music scene in 2016, he"s to be cranking out hits and more hits, the type that regulate to in which method both store the party walk and likewise inspire you to grab her beloved top top the dance floor. (They"ve earned him comparisons to Drake, who has actually a comparable style the both rapping and singing.) from singles prefer "El Farsante," "Tu Foto," and also "Dile Que Tu Me Quieres" to "Taki Taki," "Baila, Baila, Baila," and his many recent cooperation with Rosalía, "Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi," Ozuna has actually been dominating the Latin music charts—and isn"t stopping any kind of time soon.

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And at Monday night"s MTV video clip Music Awards, Ozuna will be introduced to an also wider, much more mainstream audience. The singer-songwriter is scheduled to carry out at the awards show and is nominated for "Best dance Video" because that his function on DJ Snake"s "Taki Taki," wherein he sings together Selena Gomez and Cardi B.

Ozuna"s appearance in ~ the VMAs—and almost everywhere the music charts—is signaling Latin music"s present dominance in pop-culture and music. Yet it"s likewise just further confirmation that his star is top top the rise, thanks to the unique method he manages to blend genres native reggaeton and bachata come R&B and also Latin trap. Whether you can rattle off the lyric come every one of his song or you"re just discovering the charming singer and family man, here"s whatever you should know around Ozuna.

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Ok, an initial things first: just how did Ozuna become famous—how old is he, and also where is he from?

27-year-old january Carlos Ozuna Rosado was born in mountain Juan, Puerto Rico in 1992. Follow to The brand-new York Times, while his mom is Puerto Rican, Ozuna"s dancer father was Dominican—but to be tragically shot and also killed once Ozuna was just three years old. That was greatly raised by his head grandfather and grew increase struggling—but as soon as he to be a teenager, he began to dabble in music, at some point moving to new York to check out a music career. That moved earlier to Puerto Rico to emphasis on music complete time—using his father"s last name together his stage name—and by 2015, that was becoming a regional star, performing thousands of shows across the island.

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At one allude in 2017, Ozuna to be on the the Billboard Latin charts eight times, according to the Times, for songs that were either his alone or the he was featured on. He"s likewise a gifted songwriter, informing the Times that he deserve to write song "in five minutes."