Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson to be born on may 31, 1984, and from Seattle, Washington, USA. The is an American expert basketball player and also played because that the brand-new York Knicks, Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls, and also Denver Nuggets.

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In July 2020, Nate announced the he will venture into boxing because that a experienced debut, facing YouTuber Jake Paul as component of the undercard because that the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. Exhibition match.


On November 28th, Nate and Jake Paul combated as a professional, the outcomes are here, Jake Paul knocked Nate Robinson out with a right hand in the 2nd round of their fight.

In the first round, Nate was knocked down once, and also again in the second, Nate was under on the mat because that a few minutes prior to getting up and also received instant medical attention as the transfer booth was pertained to for the former NBA player.

Jake Paul winner the first fight with the help of TKO (technical knockout) and got a KO in his 2nd fight and his score is currently 2-0 together a skilled boxer.

What is Nate Robinson net Worth?

His approximated Net precious is $30 Million USD together of 2020, the made $1.1 mіllіоn throughout his first year together a player and also he earned over $24 million in salaries throughout his NBA career.


Nate started his job at the college of Washington and played university basketball, he played 13 games and he intercepted two passes and also made 34 tackles. Then, in his student in the first year basketball season in ~ Washington in 2002–03, the was called to the’s 20-player national All-Freshmen Team, and also earning All-Pac-10 student in the first year Team honors.


In 2005, Nate to be selected with the 21st all at once pick through the Phoenix Suns in the 2005 NBA draft and also traded to the new York Knicks, Nate played in 72 games while averaging 9.3 points and also 2.0 assists per game.

On February 14, 2009, Nate won the 2009 Sprite Slam Dunk Competition, in the season 2008–2009 he average 17.2 points every game, 4.1 assists every game, and almost 30 minutes every game.

On September 25, 2009, Nate Robinson re-signed through the brand-new York Knicks come a one-year deal, but after a collection of disagreements, Mike D’Antoni eliminated Robinson from the Knicks’ rotation because that 14 games beginning on December 1, 2009.

However, Nate do his return on January 1, 2010, against the Atlanta Hawks, and also scored 41 points off the bench in the Knicks’ overtime victory. Later, in his career, he played because that Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, gold State Warriors, Chicago Bulls, and also Denver Nuggets.


How old is Nate Robinson? He to be born on might 31, 1984, and also from Seattle, Washington, USA, that is 36 year old as of 2020.

He was born come Jacque Robinson (Father) and Renee Busch (Mother), his father played American football because that the Huskies and also earned MVP honors in both the 1982 rose Bowl and also 1985 Orange Bowl and his mother operates a beauty salon in Seattle.

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He is married to his longtime girlfriend Sheena Felitz, the duo first met while examining at High School.