Michael Joseph Riley is an American football coach who was most recently the attack coordinator and also midfield coach of the Seattle dragons of the XFL. He has actually been the head coach of two college football programs: Oregon and Nebraska. Riley has also been a head coach of four various professional leagues: the Canadian football Federation, the civilization Federation that American Football, the national Football Federation and the American soccer League. He likewise played university football for Alabama Crimson birds in the 1970s

BornJuly 6, 1953, Wallace, Idaho
Alma materUniversity that Alabama, B.Soc.Sci. (1975), Whitworth University, M.Ed.

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Position(s)Defensive back
Overall112–99 (college), 14–34 (NFL), 40–32 (CFL), 11–9 (WLAF), 5–3 (AAF)
Tournaments6–2 (CFL playoffs)

About Mike Riley

Former head coach that the NFL"s san Diego Chargers and also the CFL"s Winnipeg Blue Bombers; appointed to the Oregon State Beavers" head coaching place in 2003.

Mike Riley before fame

He was a member that the well known Paul"Bear" Bryant"s team at the university of Alabama.

Achievement of Mike Riley

In 2008, he to be voted Pac-10 Coach that the Year.

Mike Riley household life

He has a son named Matthew and also a daughter named Kate, and he married Dee Riley. His father was a football coach at a high school.

Associations that Mike Riley

He provided to it is in Donnie Edwards" coach.

Top truth You Did not Know about Mike Riley

Former students of Corvallis High institution (Oregon). Linfield Wildcats football coach. San Diego Chargers Head Coach. The Whitworth Pirates football coach. Coach of the northern Colorado be afflicted with Football Team. Athlete indigenous Corvallis, Oregon. Coach that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Coach the the Oregon State Beavers football team. Nebraska Cornhuskers football coach. USC Trojans football coach. American football football player Oregon. Football player Alabama Crimson Tide

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