BigNik is well known for using his own brand of distinct comedy top top Vines and also YouTube. That roasts self on his vlogs and also does no seem to care around what or how people come come think of him. This hit vine star is now into rapping recently with his lab music videos released on his YouTube channel. BigNik is yes, really on a next level with the rapping added to his career. Booming with fame in Vine, many fellow Viners want to collaborate v him in the online business.

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Quick Information

Date of Birth Sep 11, 1998Age 23 Years, 0 MonthsNationality AmericanProfession YouTube StarMarital Status SingleDivorced/Engaged not YetGay/Lesbain NoEthnicity MixedNet Worth $300,000Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeChildren/Kids no YetHeight 3" 9” (1.19 m)Education An online High School, Torrey Pines High SchoolSiblings Devina, SarinaParents Vaishali Keswani, Anil Keswani
BigNik is well known for applying his very own brand of distinct comedy on Vines and also YouTube. He roasts himself on his vlogs and also does no seem come care around what or how human being come come think of him. This fight vine star is now into rapping freshly with his lab music videos published on his YouTube channel. BigNik is really on a following level v the rapping added to his career.

BigNik’s Bio; actual Name v Age

BigNik was born on 11 September 1998. His real name is Nik Keswani. Return he to be born in Boca Raton, Florida, he grew up in Naperville, Illinois. Nik was born to Anil Keswani, a clinical professor and also Vaishali Keswani, one optometrist. Read About: Crystal Westbrooks Bio, Age, Height, network Worth, College, dating Status, Boyfriend, FamilyBigNik that possesses one Indian ethnicity thrived up v his 2 siblings, Sarina and also Devina. Devina is a transgender who BigNik uncovered it really disturbing at an initial to confront the truth that he has no brother but a transgender sister. Nik Keswani and also his family (Photo: Nik suffers indigenous a rare kind of dwarfism resulting in deformity in his body. As result of dwarfism, his elevation is about 3 feet. Even his eyes are affected by the dwarfism. The is blind on his left eye as result of retinal detachment, which is typical for children with this type of dwarfism.Learn About: Gus Birney Age, Parents, Height, Bio, Boyfriend, Dating, FactsNik is one inspiring number with a bold and motivated mindset even in the worst case possible. That is currently mocking the society stereotypes and also haters by to run his channel as “Big.” 

BigNik’s Career

BigNik is quite famed for his branding that comedy vines in his videos. It all started as soon as he remained in a wheelchair after considerable leg surgery that that went through. He simply wanted a means to distract his mind native the pain and frustration yet instead obtained his passion.Nik made a video when he was in a wheelchair and also just in two months it blew up do him famous on society media. This made him much more excited and motivated come make more videos. He started making Vines and again making him among the many anticipated internet sensation. See Also: Camila Banus Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Dating, Bio, network WorthBooming with fame in Vine, plenty of fellow Viners want to collaborate through him in the online business. In late 2017, when Vine to be officially closeup of the door down, he had a total fan following of over 2.9 million as soon as he was just at the age of 18.After shutting that Vine, he started making videos and uploading it on YouTube. As of now his channel TheNikKeswani has over ripe hundred thousands subscribers. Because of his fame, he has amassed an estimated net precious of $300 thousand. Moreover, since he is simply a rising star, his relationship and other details are not made publicly available.

Fast Facts around BigNik

BigNik to be born Nik Keswami to parental of Indian beginning in the US. His mother, Vaishali has a clinical degree and also is a practicing optometrist and his father; Anil is additionally a medical professional.Nik started recording Vines together a method of pass the time and also distracting himself together he used a wheelchair for 6 months because of painful leg surgery.When not ‘Vining’ that studies and also spends time v his friends. That loves come play video clip games.Nik collaborated on a video clip with other Vine stars, Brent Rivera and also Jake Paul in 2014.He has been featured in People Magazine, LA Times, Vogue, and MTV News.Won one award at the society Slam take self Event.Nik became great friends with an additional blogger, David Dobrik as soon as he an initial started do videos. He has also worked with numerous other platinum producers, including DJ Flippp who produced his track "Switch Up."
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