Felicia Pearson is a well known actor, rapper and also author. Her humble beginnings have make her get a huge increase in network worth together of 2019. Pearson has some criminal records, i beg your pardon somehow destroyed her career but she managed to get ago on track. Friend may also be questioning yourself part questions like what is Felicia Pearson network worth, details of her relationship, husband, salary, wiki-bio and also other pertinent info about her. This post will overview you through her life and up come what she is doing currently.

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Felicia Pearson network worth

Pearson began her enormous career after meeting up through Michael K. Williams and featured in the famous series The Wire. This to be a good platform for she to make good money and increase her salary. Pearson has likewise appeared in videos because that iconic R&B singers and rappers choose Rick Ross, A$AP Ferg, Lil Mo and many more. Pearson did part several movies like Da sweet blood of Jesus in February 2015, Chi-Raq top top December 2015 before going right into Love & i know well Hop; brand-new York back in 2016. This reality show pays her a good salary yet the figure is unknown to the public.

Besides her acting side that life, Felicia benefit some earnings from she book. “Grace after ~ Midnight “ is a book that made she reach come the top. The numbers of copies sold space unknown however the publication has obtained recognition from her fans.

In she Instagram page, she has actually 341.7k followers, a adhering to that must have actually increased her network worth definitely. As of 2019, Felicia Pearson net worth is $50,000 i m sorry is a substantial increase from the ahead year whereby she only had actually $30,000.


Felicia Pearson indigenous Love &Hip Hop; new York. Show

Judith Scullark staged J Adrienne was born top top 13 September 1983 in Chicago, Illinois. She is of African-American ethnicity. She has a teenage son who she has not disclosed any type of details to the public.

Felicia Pearson age, Birthdate

Felicia aka Snoop is 38 year old. She was born top top 18 may 1980 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Felicia Pearson Wiki-Bio, family

Felicia had an extremely hard-hitting childhood years. She was born prematurely and out of two imprisoned medicine addicts. Pearson grew up in an eastern Baltimore Foster home. She started hustling together a medicine dealer in ~ a an extremely young age. In ~ 14, things went sour as soon as she was convicted that second-degree killing after shooting a girl named Toomer Okia.

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Snoop to be sentenced to serve two eight year-terms consecutively. ~ six and also a half years, her freedom was granted. Pearson had actually a life turnover when the person who looked the end for her passed away after gift shot. If in prison, she was able to pursue her education and also emerged v a GED.